Filtered Banorte customer base with 1.4 GB of personal data

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A database with about 1.4 GB of personal information of Banorte clients was leaked on a website, Brian Krebs warned, investigative journalist specializing in computer crime. Krebs denounced on Twitter that the database was leaked by the administrator of a forum dedicated to the sale of this type of file.

According to the site administrator, Group-IB, a cybersecurity company, sent him a series of emails asking him to remove the post where the database was offered. According to the firm, the document was fraudulent and constituted “a financial and reputational risk.”

Group-IB also attempted to take down the website through a copyright infringement claim. In response, the forum administrator decided to buy the database and filter it. “Make sure you tell Banorte that now they have to worry that the data has been leaked instead of just being for sale. Next time, don’t bother me, “he signed on the post.

R3D confirmed that the file includes personal data such as full name, RFC, gender, address (street, number, municipality, entity and postal code), telephone numbers, email and Banorte customer account balance. Searches conducted in the database suggest that the information contained in the leak is true.

So far, the financial institution has not issued any public position in relation to the leaked database.

These types of leaks represent a considerable risk for Banorte’s customers, since this information can be used to carry out fraud through phishing or phone calls, as well as phone extortion or identity theft. In this situation, extreme precautions against possible attempts are recommended.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that databases of banking institutions in Mexico have been leaked. In January 2021, it was reported that three databases with alleged user records of BBVA and Santander banks were sold in forums.

It is also not the first time that Banorte has been involved in a security incident. In May 2021 it was reported that a database with 13 million customer records of this bank were for sale on the dark web.

Image (CC BY) Gibran Aquino