Fernando del Solar’s wife must vacate Ingrid Coronado’s apartment

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She is Anna Ferro, the widow of Fernando del Solar whom he married a few weeks ago
Anna Ferro married Fernando del Solar at the beginning of 2022; They had a relationship of more than five years. Photo: GettyImages

Shortly after Anna Ferro commented that Ingrid Coronado had sued her ex-husband Fernando del Solar before his death, a new conflict arises between the loves of the Argentine; now his widow will have to vacate the apartment that they shared because It is owned by the TV host.

Fernando del Solar and anna ferro They were married earlier in the year. The couple had a relationship of more than five years and their love story arose after the presenter ended with Coronado, the mother of his two children, in 2015.

Anna Ferro must vacate Ingrid Coronado’s apartment: she lived there with Fernando del Solar

According to what the attorney for ingrid coronado told the program “Ventaneando”, Anna Ferro and Fernando del Solar lived in an apartment which is owned by the driver, who was married to him. For this reason, the widow of the also model, could be evicted from the property.

Claudia Ramírez, Ingrid’s legal representative, pointed out that her client has every right to ask him to vacate the place. In the same way, she said that Del Solar did not pay rent to her ex and she did not demand it either.

“The apartment where Fernando lived, in Cuernavaca, is an apartment that is in the name of Ingrid, and Fernando lived there with his wife, Mrs. Anna Ferro. Ingrid didn’t fight to get him or Mrs. Ferro out of it, so she let them live there, they didn’t pay her rent and her property belonged to her. She (Anna Ferro) is going to have to hand over the property to Ingrid, she is not going to be left with another ”

Indicated the lawyer Claudia Ramírez

Regarding the lawsuit that Ingrid Coronado would have filed against Del Solar shortly before he died, the same driver denied it. What the lawyer did reveal is that an attempt has been made to tarnish the image of her client when she has taken the path of peace.

He added that in reality the driver had sued his ex in 2016 and that in recent years he had not given a pension to his children.

“On January 25, 2016, Mr. Fernando sued Mrs. Ingrid for a divorce, asking that Mrs. Ingrid pay him 20 or 30% of her income and that he not leave the country. That is how this story begins. At the time of the trial, it is determined that Fernando pay his two children’s school fees and medical expenses insurance “

claudia ramirez

The lawyer added that one day Fernando said no more and only paid the tuition for one of his children. She pointed out that as of today, the driver has a debt in court of 300 and so many thousand pesos for not having paid that tuition, a situation that Ingrid refused to claim.

Ramírez maintained that Fernando del Solar had several properties from which he received rent and even then he did not cover his children’s pension. He stated that Ingrid’s ex also took money from a company they shared without consulting him.

According to what the legal representative told, Anna Ferro will not have to pay Fernando del Solar’s debt and what is expected of her is that she follow the will that he left stipulated in his will.

“Yes there is a will, Mrs. Ingrid Coronado will accept the last will of Mr. Fernando del Solar, hoping that Mrs. Anna Ferro will also do so “

claudia ramirez

The legal specialist expressed that Ingrid is 100% responsible for her children and they have always treated her as the one who sued, the one who was to blame and asked him for money, information that, she assures, is not true.