Fernanda Castillo and her loving tribute to all the women who have breastfed their children

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Fernanda Castillo and her partner Erik Hayser are the parents of Liam, a two-year-old boy (Photo: Víctor Chávez/Getty Images).

fernanda castillo she is a woman proud of her maternity. Her love for little Liam is evident in some of the images she shares of her on her Instagram account, and it was there that he shared how difficult the decision to end was for her. lactation stage.

“I write this at the end of one of the stages that make me feel most proud. After two years of breastfeeding, Liam has decided that he is a big boy and that he is going to take a bottle. I share it as a tribute to all those women who have gone through the complex process of breastfeeding (for whatever time) and weaning, which was the most difficult for me to assimilate, realizing that my baby had grown”, wrote the actress at the bottom of some photographs where she is seen with the two-year-old boy in different times while nursing.

Her message recalls the difficult moment that Fernanda and her partner Erik Hayser experienced shortly after welcoming their little one, who was born with a severe condition of lingual frenulum (membrane that holds the tongue along the upper midline) that can affect the oral development of the baby, in addition to the way in which he eats, speaks and swallows, for example, at the moment of sucking.

It wasn’t just this physical condition of Liam (After almost two years of therapy, he has been discharged), but also Castillo’s fear of feeding his son. “I used to see women breastfeeding their babies and think it was so easy, then I got pregnant and as I started researching and hearing the different experiences, I was terrified. I was more afraid of breastfeeding than childbirth“.

Days after the birth, the health of the interpreter of Travellers deteriorated rapidly and had to be hospitalized with obstetric hemorrhage, and in the medical unit suffered two heart attacks that compromised most of his organs. After her recovery, the process of getting back to breastfeeding was slow and made her question whether she was a good mother.

Those events also honor them in their farewell. “My breastfeeding was full of obstacles, sometimes pain and all the perseverance I was capable of, but above all wonderful moments of attachment with Liam that will remain in my memory and the certainty of giving a gift to his health and to his soul”.

As the last detail of this stage, Fernanda will treasure a ring made with the milk she produced“a gift that will always remind me of this process”.


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