Fassi accuses “cronyism” and “disastrous decisions” in Aztec soccerMediotiempo

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Five days have passed Elimination from the Mexican National Team in the group stage of the World Cup Qatar 2022and his hasty goodbye continues to generate opinions about the causes and motives which led to the worst participation of the national team in the last eight World Cup editions.

And although the coach Gerardo Martino has a heavy burden of responsibility Andrés Fassi Jürgensformer director of Club Pachuca, the origin of this failure has more to do with decisions that both owners and managers have taken in the mexican soccer in the last five years, a period in which in the MX League the number of foreign players increased and promotion and relegation disappeared.

“Mexico began 10 or 12 years ago to make positive determinations regarding the Liga MX and the competition regulations in terms of the number of foreigners, the famous thousand-minute rule for young players, the creation of youth tournaments that began to give Mexican soccer a structure and level of growth,” he said in interview for halftime.

“It was not by chance titles with the Sub-17the good performances of the Sub-20, the U-23 Olympics in London. He started to Mexico to build a road, but unfortunately In the last four or five years, very disastrous determinations have been madethat they don’t understand each other.”

The Today President of Talleres de Córdoba of the First Division of Argentina considered that these decisions, in addition to the “cronyism” and “servility” with which both the National Teams, the Mexican Soccer Federation and the MX League have been managed, has been the causes of the bad moment of the national teamwhich after drawing with Poland, losing to Albiceleste and beating Saudi Arabia, was not enough to qualify for the Round of 16, something that had not happened since 1978.

“We believe that by managing things with cronyism and servility we will be able to generate better Mexican soccer and we are wrong.and I say this after spending 30 years in Mexico and I have no interest other than helping a country that I love, to which I am grateful and in which I have four Mexican children,” he said.

“What happens in the 2026 It will have to do with what happens in the Mexican Federation of footballhe today and it has to do with what happens in the Liga MX in regulatory aspects. We continue with conformism, with cronyism, putting my friends in National Teams to manage the Federation, to manage minor teams, no, this is professional people”.

Fassi Jurgens said that the owners of Televisa and TV Azteca, television stations that own the transmission rights of the Mexican National Team, have to make a self-criticism and make drastic decisionsin addition to thinking that the next director of National Teams and the next coach, have to be designed for a eight to 12 year project and not four as has been done in recent processes.

“What can change that load of frustration, big decisions and a self-criticism that leads you to think that you have to bring the best human resources as director of National Teams and to the best technician. If he Mr. Azcárraga, Mr. Salinas Pliego do not make an aggressive decision for what is coming, with competent people and capacity, it will be very difficult. This does not happen yon de Luisahe is an executive who has the mission of having a federative order and there is, but he definitely does not have the sports vision ”, he added.

“The Director of National Teams must be a proven person, with a lot of experience, with the authority and autonomy to be able to carry out a project in the Senior Selection, in the Pre-Olympic, and in the youth teams. With the size of giving Mexico a projection, not of the 2026 World Cup, Mexico has to think in 12 or eight years.”


Andres Fassi He recalled the 2017 episode when Telemundo and American Movil, Carlos Slim’s company, put a proposal on the table of the FMF to take over the television rights of the Mexican National Team. Nevertheless, the vote in the Owners Assembly favored Televisa and TV Aztecawho stayed with the contract for eight more years, that is, until the World Cup 2026 which will be played in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“Last time we went to a vote in the Owners Assembly where there was 100 million dollars between one position and another and Mexico entered 100 million dollars less because there is an argument of convenience, where Televisa and TV Azteca continue to structure a format of rights owners that greatly harms Mexicoand it harms much more seriously in the sporting aspect ”, he talked.

“If you had the ability, both Televisa and TV Aztecato choose the ideal human resource to manage the destinies of the National selectionone would say that they continue managing soccer, but unfortunately they continue to manage soccer with lower economic income and with very bad results in sports,” he concluded.


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