Fan goes up to dance with Bad Bunny and is “disappointed” by his smell

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  • Bad Bunny, in 2020 and 2021, became the most listened to singer on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

  • In 2022, the Puerto Rican did the same, once again, on Spotify and managed to establish himself on TikTok as the most listened to.

  • It is estimated that, at present, Bad Bunny’s accumulated fortune amounts to 18 million dollars.

A young Bad Bunny fan used her TikTok account to “reveal” what the singer’s smell is and, according to what she recounts, she claims to be “disappointed” in the singer.

The theme “Bad Bunny” continues to be one of the most commented on social networks and, in general, in the media, because as has already been said on several occasions, the dilemma of the alleged tickets cloned by Ticketmaster caused a stir. in the national and international press.

And it is that, something that we should not leave aside is the fact that it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Since February of this 2022, the year in which the concert industry was reborn, the “Bad Bunny” decided to put an end to his World’s Hottest Tour in Mexico City and more specifically in the Azteca Stadium.

Let’s remember that, a few hours after ticket sales began, they were classified as “sold out”, revealing, from the outset, the great euphoria for the return of massive concerts after a long breakand on the other hand it was a sample of the great positioning of Bad Bunny in what has been called “the era of digitization”.

Just to give us an idea, In 2020 and 2021, Bad Bunny managed to establish himself as the most listened to Latin singer on platforms such as YouTube and Spotifycredit that he shared with the South Koreans of BTS, the most famous K-Pop group on the planet.

Now, following the same line, 2022 was, for Bad Bunny, one more year of being the most listened to artist on Spotify, thanks to his album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, and, in addition, he did the same on Tiktok, the social network that, for some time, has become an important positioning window for artists.

Fan goes up to dance with Bad Bunny and is “disappointed” by his smell

Having said the above, it is not surprising, then, that today a large community of young people have the Puerto Rican as one of their highest references, a kind of icon for the new generations and, to tell the truth, an artist who has caused a stir in terms of marketing.

Proof of this can be seen in all content on social networks that arise from your imageas is the case with a young woman who attended one of the concerts that the interpreter of “Tití Me Asked” and whose story has begun to attract the attention of several Internet users.

According to what the young woman reveals, through her TikTok account, after attending Bad Bunny’s concert in the City of Monterrey, she was invited to go on stage to dance with the singer, an experience that she described as “a bit disappointing ” because of the “smell” of the Puerto Rican.


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? original sound – HEYITSMAYRIN

Previously, the case of another Bad Bunny follower who, According to what he said on TikTok, he tried the singer’s sweat, which – he assured – “tastes like heaven”.

Undoubtedly, what these stories reveal, and others that have become known on the digital scene, is the so-called “Bad Bunny effect”, the most listened to singer on streaming and, above all, a benchmark for the Generation Z.

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