Fan decorates Christmas tree inspired by Bad Bunny; “the tree of the year”

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  • A recent study reveals that the LATAM countries that generate the most expenses at Christmas are Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

  • According to a recent survey, in countries like Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom, the preference for synthetic Christmas trees is much higher.

  • In Mexico, the average cost of people in the Christmas season is 7,250 Mexican pesos.

Through Tiktok, a young woman shows how, based on some creativity, she decorated her Christmas tree taking Bad Bunny and her most recent album, ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ as inspiration.

Definitely, the Chinese social network is currently the most relevant, despite not being the one that registers the most users. That title is held by Facebook, the Meta platform that, as of today, has almost three billion users, according to what DataReportal reports.

Let’s not forget that, today, it is young people who set the tone in the face of digital marketing strategies; We are talking about a community -the so-called Generation Z- that, from different points of view, has changed the focus of the industries.

Starting from this premise, the music industry is one of the most benefited in terms of streaming platforms, where Spotify leads the market with more than 450 million registered users.

On the other hand, Spotify is also home to a wide audience that sees Bad Bunny as one of the greatest references of the new generations, a fact that can be verified by seeing that the last three years (2020, 2021 and 2022) reggaeton and , in particular, the so-called “Bad Bunny” lead the popularity charts.

It is estimated that his most recent album, ‘A Summer Without You’ became the most listened to album on the Stockholm platformfollowed by ‘Harry’s House’, by Harry Styles, ‘SOUR’, by Olivia Rodrigo, ‘=’, by Ed Sheeran, and ‘Planet Her (Deluxe), by Doja Cat.

Similarly, ‘A Summer Without You’ It stayed for six weeks on the list of the Billboard 200said listing that is based on album sales units, track-equivalent albums (TEA) and album-equivalent to streaming (BE).

Fan decorates Christmas tree inspired by Bad Bunny; “tree of the year”

At Christmas time it is clear that TikTok is the main window where Internet users share all kinds of stories related to these celebration dates and parties.

To mention one example, a video posted on the Chinese social network reveals the creativity of a young Bad Bunny fan who decided to decorate her Christmas album by creating her own spheres, inspired by ‘A Summer Without You’, the album most recent of the Puerto Rican.


HOW CUTE?? literally tree of the year #christmastree #glitterornaments #badbunnyornaments #badbunny #unveranosinti #Benedict #badbunnychristmas #fyp?

? Ojitos Lindos – Bad Bunny & Bomba Estéreo

This type of content is not surprising, because, in the end, two of the main trends among young people come together: TikTok and Bad Bunny, both favorites of Generation Z.

Let us also remember the case of how, through TikTok, a Telegram group was made known that has/had the objective of bringing together the fans of “Bad Bunny” who did not get a ticket for the concert at the Azteca Stadium and hold a party.

Apparently, all one would have to do to “reserve” a spot at said party is join the @badbunnycdmx group and ready.

Today is Bad Bunny’s second concert at the Azteca Stadium as part of the World’s Hottest Tour, which has generated all kinds of controversy and claims due to the cloning of tickets that has put Ticketmaster and OCESA in check.

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