Family Medicine Clinic of the ISSSTE of Lerdo carries out a walk ‘Give the stroke’

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The Family Medicine Clinic (CMF) of the ISSSTE of Lerdo joined this Friday the second national walk “Give the cerebrovascular attack. Resissste Cerebro” whose purpose is to sensitize the population about the Cerebral Vascular Event (CVE), increase survival and avoid disabling sequelae in patients. This activity is carried out within the framework of World Cerebrovascular Attack (CVA) Day, which is commemorated every October 29.

Wearing white clothing, health personnel and beneficiaries left the CMF minutes after 8 in the morning and took a short tour of Miguel Alemán Boulevard and simulated some of the symptoms of EVC, an alteration in the neurons, which causes decreased blood flow in the brainaccompanied by momentary or permanent cerebral alterations.


Some symptoms are: Sudden change in vision in one or both eyes, sudden loss of strength in one arm, one leg, or both, and a tingling sensation in the face, arm, or leg. Also sudden onset of problems speaking and/or understanding what is heard, accompanied by stammering, imbalance or instability, and headache.

Jesús Salvador Zirate Guzmán, medical director of the CMF reported that stroke is the second cause of death and the first cause of disability in the entire country. He explained that stroke is classified into two subtypes that are ischemic and hemorrhagic..


Some risk factors are age, sex, alcoholism, smoking, physical inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol levels, etc. The risk increases depending on the number of risk factors that are present.

When a stroke occurs, it is necessary for the patient to go to a health institution so that he can receive the appropriate treatment in a timely manner.


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