Facebook will remove preferences from its users’ profiles on December 1

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Facebook will remove sexual and religious preferences from its users' profiles on December 1
The measure aims to improve navigation between profiles. Photo: AFP

Since December 1, the social network Facebook will remove the fieldsinterested in” Y “religious beliefs”, as reported by its owner, Meta, to various users through a statement.

This would be based on an improvement in browsing through the profiles, while the social networks Those with which it competes do not offer such fields, although they do allow the user to introduce themselves through a free title field “about me”.

What changes will Facebook make?

According to a statement sent to some of its users, Meta will eliminate from December 1 the fields of religious beliefs, as well as the “interested in” field, referring to their sexual preferencesin a measure that, according to a spokesperson for the US company to the TechCrunch blog, has to do with improvements to navigation in profiles.

Likewise, according to the consultant of social networksMatt Navarra, who reported on the platform’s missive and its changes, Facebook will give opportunity for its users download a copy of the data that they keep saved in the social network, including these fields, before December 1st.

While it stands out that the remaining information, entered by Internet users, will remain intact after the update, so the modifications will not seriously affect users.

However, although many users have maintained these fields for years, I would highlight that the measure is part of the social network’s policies regarding the protection of personal data and privacy towards its users.

While there were netizens who assured that the measure goes against their personal decisions to freely announce their preferences and beliefs, although it has not been reported that these cannot be shared in the part of “Presentation”, currently available in the profile, similar to the field in the accounts of Twitter and instagram.

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