Exposes Bershka for selling smaller and smaller clothes

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The retail industry has grown all over the world, and in recent years it has changed in many ways. In a story that has been revealed on TikTok, a Bershka consumer shared how in her opinion the company is selling more and more small size clothing.

Undoubtedly, we live in an era in which the cult of the image with social networks has increased greatly and where young people are the most permeable to the social demand of following a certain fashion and this includes having a “ideal weight”.

In this sense, the Association of Clothing and Fashion Companies of the Community of Madrid (Asecom) ensures that sizes 42 and 44 are the most sold in countries like Spain, which reflects a different reality on the shelves.

That proves it in that there are many women who are going to buy thinking that their size is a 38 and end up buying a 42, which is the size that really fits them in many clothing brands.

However, in the world, data from the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU), revealed that more than 77 percent of the population declares that they cannot always use the same size, a figure that reaches 82 percent in the case of women. In conclusion, almost half of the users have the impression that the sizes in recent years have tended to become smaller.

The history

Once again, the TikTok social network plays a very important role in the viral stories that are emerging, like the one that said Majo Ledesma, after going to buy clothes at Bershka and realizing that the clothes are getting smaller and smaller.

The influencer discovered and evidenced that the store would be making the sizes of their garments smaller than what they really should be, so he made a comparison of the jeans that mark a size larger than what they normally wear.

The young woman tried on some pants that she bought at the Bershka store, but the garment, she assured, did not fit her. “What a ped * with which clothing stores make sizes smaller and smaller. I can’t with the sizes getting smaller and smaller”said the young woman in her recording.

“I just put on some pants that are one size higher than my size and they didn’t fit me, they didn’t fit me, they didn’t go up, there’s no way. I can’t with that, I’m getting very angry, ”she explained.

Likewise, the woman decided to make a comparison between two pants bought at the same store, only in different sizes. From what he showed how he measured a size 24 pant with a size 26 to compare sizes, he found that size 26 pants looked smaller than size 24 pants.

@majo_hledesmaof You make me angry BSK, the size of the clothes is not from God 🤬🤬🤬 #bershka #extrasizes #size #bodydysmorphia ♬ original sound – Majo Hdz Ledesma

“Why do they do that? The garments are more and more mini. I can’t believe it. Bershka, I am very upset with that, very upset,” said the young woman.

The recording already records more than 50,000 interactions, where most of the comments are from other consumers confirming what the young woman mentioned.

“They won’t be able to deny it to me, you enter Bershka and it already looks like a children’s clothing store due to the size of the garments,” read a message.

“It’s not Bershka, it’s the fashion industry, since the 2000s fashion of extreme thinness has returned,” said another netizen.

“It’s better that they take out girl’s clothes,” another consumer mentioned.

“The worst of all is that in bershka and pull & bear, men’s clothing comes in normal sizes and women’s are very minis,” wrote another Internet user.

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