Exercise, meditate and control excesses: follow these recommendations to combat the depression at the end of the year | Videos | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

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clinical May 50 and 5% ofAmericans complain aboutgo up suffer sad anddepression on this date. thereasons why you will or will notyou experience feelings ofsadness during this date aremany.>> my critical situation. notI tasted flavor before the mate.>> sometimes financially notwe are fine. many the familyshe’s sick>> sometimes you don’t even know why.>> i like the songs. II feel sad.>> all the time they arewe miss where they come.>> especially christmas.>> the family that is far away.>> we’re great at findingwhat we lack and not whathave. and when we seedistant relatives. that we arefat, we are old. whatwe lack health, that we lackclassmates. all those we gotaking.>> what are the strategieswhat can we use forovercome depression>> right nowspecifically in December,you have to be careful notput a lot of things if yourefills of many parties andresponsibilities, and giftsyou’re going to get in trouble. YeahThey are far away, activate your networksand sit at the table and eattogether. even if it’s forvideo call. exercise isimportant, it regulates theserotonin. same feeding.sleep is important. and hasway you find help, look forProfessional Help.>> keep these in mindtips. get into those whoí they are hang out with whoyou want, practice meditation.take vitamin d. makeexercise, sleep well, notendons, controls alcohol andthe accesses. and if the depressionextends to two weeksafter the new one startsthe best year to seek helpprofessional. from los angeles

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