Evaluna confessed that she got very angry moments after the birth of Indigo

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In the last days, Camilo Y Eva Luna they have been arguing over the mystery of the gender of their baby named Indigo, who was born on April 6, in the middle of a humanitarian delivery at her home located in Miami, and her husband was by her side the whole time.

After the baby was born, Camilo Y Eva Luna decided not to reveal the sex of the baby because they wanted Indigo decide for herself when she grows up, however, recently a photo of her face was leaked and netizens confirmed that she is a girl, which became the cause of an argument between the famous singing couple.

It may interest you: Camilo and Evaluna had a heated argument after photos of Indigo were leaked.

In the midst of the controversy, the Venezuelan singer and actress went through a very difficult time at the birth of her baby.

On the first of January 2023, Eva Luna published a message on her networks about her experience of becoming a mother, in this sense, she remembers that she was able to give birth to Indigo as she had always dreamed of, in a humanized birth and in the company of her partner and family.

However, he discovered that not everything was perfect and became enraged after the birth of his daughter.

After the baby was born, I was mad at my body because it looked so different.

This was admitted by the wife of Camiloand also said that he was able to cope with the moment and now he is in love with his body again and thanked him for everything he is capable of doing.

That message is accompanied by a series of images and videos of all the important moments that happened in the course of 2022 and revealed the change her body had, the same one she was angry about.

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