Eugenio Derbez: They could have to replace the actor’s shoulder

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Alessandra Rosaldo, famous singer, spoke in front of the cameras about the health of Eugenio Derbezafter it was revealed He had an accident and had to undergo surgery. The famous accepted that the injury occurred in the shoulderas had been rumoured, noting that it is likely that he will need another operation to replace his right shoulder.

It was in an interview for Multimedia TV , where Alessandra Rosaldo revealed how the comedian is, who presented several fractures as a result of the accident:

“It was a long evaluation, very complicated, because there were many fractures, because the right shoulder probably has to be replaced,” he said.

He did not want to say what was the real reason that took him to the operating room. Nevertheless, He mentioned that he will be the one to reveal it at the time, although he did clarify that it was not working.

“I can imagine how much has been speculated, I get it, but he wasn’t filming and I’m not going to share a detail of what really happened until he really wants to share it…but filming it wasn’t.”

He indicated that although the pain is very strong, he is already at home cared for by his mother-in-law, her daughter Aitana and both she and the actor appreciate all the signs of affection they have received, they have been immense until he had to pay for his cell phone.

“He deeply appreciates all the signs of affection, the cell phone has it turned off because it does not stop ringing, he is very moved by everything he has received from full-hands messages, it has been beautiful and tomorrow is his birthday (61),” Alessandra said in addition to that his recovery will be very slow according to the doctors.

The first statement of the Eugenio Derbez accident

Eugenio Derbez had an accident that caused delicate injuries, reported Alessandra Rosaldo in a joint statement posted on their respective Instagram accounts. However, the document details that the actor and comedian is out of danger; The recovery process is expected to be long, so he will have to rest for several weeks.

“Right now, the priority is to focus on this process so that Eugenio can move forward, taking the time necessary to do so.”

Similarly, they asked the followers to send good vibes for a speedy recovery. More details of the accident suffered by the actor are still unknown, although it was mentioned that the injuries caused to him are serious and that he would undergo surgery.

Eugenio Derbez came out of the operation well

Alessandra Rosaldo, the actor’s wife, shared through a statement that Derbez had already undergone surgery. In the report shared on her social networks, Alessandra Rosaldo explained that the surgery her husband underwent was complicated, but fortunately everything went well.

“To all those who have been watching Eugenio, I want to inform you that fortunately, after a long and complicated surgery, he is recovering.”

According to the statement, everything indicates that the operation was carried out on August 30. Alessandra Rosaldo took the opportunity to thank the signs of affection they have received after announcing that Eugenio Derbez suffered an accident.

“Yesterday was a very long and emotional day, but thanks to your countless expressions of affection, messages, good wishes, blessings, prayers and the light that you sent us, the surgery was a success.”

Finally, the singer pointed out that her husband will begin his recovery and again She commented that she and her family are grateful for the love they have received.

“The love you send us feels closer and stronger than ever and we are infinitely grateful. Thank God who guided the hands of doctors. Thank you doctors, specialists, nurses and nurses. Thank you all for your respect, patience and understanding.”