Eugenio Derbez and the torture he suffers during the rehabilitation of his arm

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The Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez shared a video on his Instagram account where he talked about what tortuous that rehabilitation is resulting in his shoulderwhich is fracturedin the month of August while testing a virtual reality video game.

“I am coming out of my physiotherapy. There I go. I come here with my luxury driver, “commented Derbez and showed that the one who was driving was his wife, the singer Alessandra Rosaldo, and continued: “I’m doing well, but how it hurts. I’m sick of feeling pain every day. Every day is like torture. This physical therapy thing is crazy; It’s two hours of torture,” said the actor.

“This of stretching your muscles until you break the muscle and get you moving again over a very painful wound… Then, I cry every day, I cry. Tears come to my eyes, right? He expressed addressing his wife.

Rosaldo responded by showing him all his support: “yes, but that’s why you’re my superhero, because you do it and continue to do it and because that’s the key to your recovery.” Then she asked her husband’s followers for signs of affection: “team cheers, cheers for this handsome man, many cheers for this handsome, please!”.

It was last August when Alessandra Rosaldo announced that her husband had suffered a serious accident that did not endanger his life. After several days of speculation, the same comedian shared a video in which, convalescing and from a bed, he explained what had happened to him.

In the recording, he said that in the VR game he fell from a 100-story building and his body reacted, so in reality he stumbled and hit some steps: “I fell with all my weight, it hit my elbow first and when put all my weight on the elbow, it pushed the bone and it came out. He did not break my skin, but it came off and in his path everything was destroyed ”.

“I started screaming like crazy and at the hospital they decided to anesthetize me. The doctor told me that it was a very serious fracture and that they couldn’t operate on it. The specialist told me that the injury was so serious that they had to rebuild my arm. I had five big fractures and about 10 small ones”, assured the actor.

He finally said that the doctors let him know that recovery would take him between seven months to a yearso Eugenio Derbez still has a long road to recovery.

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