Eugenia Cauduro: this is what she looks like after losing 18 kilos

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Eugenia Cauduro Low Weight
Eugenia Cauduro became 25 kilos overweight. Photo: Getty Images

As well as Several celebrities have told what they have resorted to to look better, Eugenia Cauduro boasted on social media that managed to lose 18 kilos after years of struggle with being overweight. In the photo that she published to show that she “can do it”, the actress looks spectacular with her transformation.

Eugenia Cauduro started to gain weight after their divorce, in 2006. The interpreter went on to say that she saw a refuge in food to alleviate the pain of her separation and it is known that I was 25 kilos overweight and, even, at one time he reached 30.

Eugenia Cauduro presumes that she lost 18 kilos

For Eugenia CauduroLosing weight was not an easy task. According to what she came to say, she felt pressured at some time to recover her figure and already this year, she freed herself by starting to look for a change, but without hurry.

Eugenia Cauduro shared that she came to love and accept herself as she is, after 15 years of dealing with being overweight.

More focused than ever, she demonstrated with a photo that managed to lose 18 kilos.

“I look good, I feel good! 18 kilos less! Just for today, little by little you go far, I don’t give up; I fall, I get up, yes you can, focus”.

It is the message that Eugenia wrote next to her photo

Although the television star acknowledged that with her weight gain she was able to have greater diversity in her characters, she pointed out, at some point, that she had conflicts to look for the perfect body, a situation that caused her to experience episodes of stress, until she was convinced that she is worth what she is.

Cauduro also indicated that some people criticized her for being overweight and, without revealing how she managed to lose kilos, she now shows with photos that she has achieved a transformation.

In one of her recent posts, the actress noted that her stylist left her “shooting.”

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