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Republicans with a majority in the House of Representatives while the Senate continues to be fought

Republicans closed on Wednesday a narrow majority in the House of Representativeswhile control of the Senate hinged on close races in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia in a midterm election that defied expectations of landslide conservative victories fueled by frustration with inflation and the leadership of President Joe Biden.

The success of John Fetterman on changing the Pennsylvania Republican seat in the Senate, where this party is in the majority, raised Democratic hopes of maintaining control of the chamber. Republicans found a bright spot in Wisconsin, where Sen. Ron Johnson’s victory raised the stakes in races where the results were unclear and the vote count continued.

In the House of Representatives, Democrats held seats in districts from Virginia to Kansas to Rhode Island, while many in states like New York and California have not announced winners. But Republicans scored several important victories in their bid to flip the five seats needed to regain a majority in the House of Representatives. In a particularly symbolic victory, the GOP defeated House Democratic campaign manager Sean Patrick Maloney of New York.


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