ESLAND: Rivers is the revelation streamer of the year for Juan Guarnizo

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John Guarnizo He dealt with several topics in his live broadcast on October 27. The ESLAND Awards they could not miss for several and clear reasons. He entered the controversy with Rubius and Auron, of course, but he also wanted to talk about two of his companions: ElMariana Y Rivers. For the Colombian, the Mexican is the streamer revelation of the year without discussion.

The Latin American creator was talking to his chat about how he contacted him TheGrefg to appear in the reveal announcement of the second edition of the ESLAND. The Murcian wanted both him and arigameplays appear in the spot. Juan gladly accepted, but put the names of ElMariana and Rivers on the table.

The first of them is him streamer largest mexican I couldn’t miss the appointment if a promotional ad was going to be shot. Just like Rivers. “For me it is, with a big difference, the streamer revelation of the year“.

The numbers of the Mexican play in favor of Juan’s opinion. Rivers is the second streamer most seen in the world, second only to Amouranth. In the third quarter of 2022, it accumulates 4.85 million hours viewed.

After Juan’s request, it seems that Grefg he didn’t think too much and included the two Mexicans in the video. Thus we could see the four creators meeting one of the ESLAND awards in their living room.

Juan also affirms that he did not know in Mexico City where the gala was going to be held until its announcement. The ESLAND Awards will take place in January 2023finally in Mexico City, but also talks about other options such as Monterrey or Guadalajara.

The community is currently voting in the different ESLAND categories to select the candidates. It is quite likely that Rivers will be among the nominees for streamer revelation. We wouldn’t even be surprised to see it in another category. We will wait for the nominees to become official.


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