Errors that are repeated in 24-hour guards

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The first errors arrive around 8:00 p.m. and after 1:00 a.m., people begin to “doubt everything.”

Removing the 24-hour guards is one of the great demands of doctors. Beyond the discomfort, it has been shown that lack of sleep decreases concentration and attention, which is why it’s easier to make mistakes while caring for a patient. In fact, Rubén Blanco, a resident in the Family and Community Medicine specialty, has recounted on Twitter the most common mistakes you have perceivedboth in him and in his colleagues with whom he has discussed it, in medical guards.

In his tweets, he first comments on his day on call: having a consultation at the medical center as a normal 8-hour shift, stopping to eat earlier and starting work at the hospital at 3:00 p.m. He explains that, normally, when he starts to spend an afternoon consultation at the other health center, He already has around 40 patients behind him; but the food “gives a breather”, so he remains lucid “until 8:00 p.m.”, when the first errors occur, those of an “administrative type”: forgetting to sign a prescription, not providing the papers of the tests, he lists. “Everything can be solved,” says the doctor.

“After dinner, things get worse”indicates White. The errors are still not serious, of course, but they are usually related to “confusing the right side with the left in the report, forgetting a question or some minor exploratory maneuver,” he says.

1 in the morning, the last phase

The last phase, which arrives around 1 in the morning, is in which the doctors begin to doubt “everything.” From data that one knows by heart (and now believes that they are not correct) to the repetition of questions and explorations because “there is no security or because I no longer remember what had been done,” explains Blanco. However, “doubting is not bad”. But still mistakes are made such as reporting “wrong drug doses” or not seeing “clear fractures on x-rays.”

This happens at these hours, says the resident, “when you forget all the love you feel for Medicine”. “When you can’t be humanized because you yourself are dehumanized,” illustrates this resident.

To end his thread, Blanco explains that he is free the next day, because he has already done those hours in the hospital and he just “rotates the shift”; but he asks to stop the 24-hour guards because if someone fails at five in the morning, will take responsibility for what happened to the “zombie who did too much keeping his eyes open”comment.

“We have to stop this”White concludes. And many other doctors agree with him in the comments that 24-hour calls should no longer be done. In addition, there is a health worker who points out that “even” on a normal day, when there are more than 40 patients, he doubts “everything”. The solution? There are toilets that talk about rotating shifts, others about 12-hour guards; although the final decision will be of the leaders politicians.

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