Eric Moussambani accepts invitation to meet Franco Escamilla

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Just a couple of months ago Franco Escamilla premiered its most recent Netflix special: Auditory Voyeur in which he talks about the history of Eric Moussambani, the Olympian from Equatorial Guinea, who broke the world record for taking the longest time to swim 100 meters in an Olympic competition.

The comedian from Monterrey told the story of Moussambani with his peculiar charisma and way of making his audience laugh in his show that is available on the streaming platform; before finishing his monologue, Franco Escamilla expressed his desire to want to meet the former Olympian.

“I am recording this for Netflix because I know that someone is going to send it to someone in Equatorial Guinea. I want this video to reach the right people and one day they invite me to give a show there (Equatorial Guinea) and I want to meet Erik Moussambani. I want to play some little races with him,” said Franco, especially Auditory Voyeur.

In addition to his desire to meet him, Franco Escamilla challenged Eric Moussambani to face off in a competition in an Olympic pool; Surprisingly, the athlete responded to the comedian and accepted his invitation.

“It was incredible to me. For a person like that to pronounce me and talk about me, it was also very interesting to me. Honestly, if he invites me, of course, I would indeed be willing to go”, replied Eric Moussambani, accepting Franco Escamilla’s invitation.

Netizens quickly reacted to this interview and expressed their excitement at seeing the Mexican comedian and the former Olympic swimmer together.

Who is Eric Moussanbanni?

Eric Moussambani Malonga was the swimmer who represented Equatorial Guinea at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. His story has transcended worldwide, because unlike thousands of athletes who prepare for a large part of their lives for this competition, he trained for only 8 months before it took place.

The former Olympian He holds the record for taking the longest time to swim the hundred meters in this competition, as it took him 1 minute, 52 seconds and 72 hundredths to complete his journey. The curious thing about this story is that Moussambani won said qualifying rounds, since his two opponents were disqualified for giving a false start, which left him alone in the pool.

Despite the fact that Eric Moussambani’s time is disastrous compared to that of other competitors, his story has transcended worldwide and he is remembered as an example of improvement and effort, since In Equatorial Guinea there were no Olympic pools at the time, so he had to train in a hotel pool.

Equatorial Guinea, the African country that speaks Spanish

Eric Moussambani honorably represented his country Equatorial Guinea, one of the smallest countries on the African continent. In 1968 it achieved its independence from Spain and ceased to be known as Spanish Guinea.

after its independence decided to keep Spanish as their official language, becoming the only African country to do soalthough French and Portuguese are also spoken.



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