Entrepreneur narrates how she saved her taco shop thanks to TikTok

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  • The social network of Chinese origin, TikTok, has a monthly community of at least 689 million Internet users.

  • Globally, the active number of netizens has almost reached 5 billion.

  • According to the digital conversation, the events occurred in Glenview, Illinois.

Nowadays, social networks have become a fundamental part of the daily life of people and therefore of businesses, since these platforms have become one of the main sources of positioning for business growth, as shown by a short video in which you can see how an entrepreneur narrates that she saved her taco shop thanks to the TikTok.

Currently, there is a community that almost reaches 5 billion active Internet users worldwide, a figure that is greatly encouraged by the forced social distancing and the large number of tasks that can be carried out remotely, because today in day platforms like Instagram 700 million users on a monthly basis, while TikTok, as of today, they register just over 689 million users on a monthly basisa figure that reveals the great weight that the social network has within the new normality.

Today the digital conversation has become the great opportunity that entrepreneurs and creatives have to gain positioning, because it is within them that great pressure can be exertedwhich can even directly influence the decision-making of companies, businesses, entrepreneurs and even governments.

Entrepreneur narrates how she saved her taco shop thanks to TikTok

According to what has been revealed, a woman in the United States decided to use her personal account TIkTok, to help her mother bring customers to her taco shop, making her videos so popular that millions of people reacted and started, achieving that little by little the business will begin to attract people and diners, From what I know, Isabel Milán decided to start publishing it within the account (@tacoboutjoys), since the taco shop in question is located in Glenview, Illinois.

@tacoboutjoysI wish I could give her customers for Christmas♬ In My Room – speedlist

Shortly after, within the entrepreneur’s account, it was announced that the strategy was very successful, because thanks to the digital community, the story went viral, and Internet users came to support the small place.

Nowadays, the digital conversation has a great weight in terms of the way in which people share it, such is the case that was shown in the past months, in which it was demonstrated how great support can be generated thanks to a viral video. , because it shows how an Internet user managed to gather a large number of Internet users with the intention of helping an elderly person who had not managed to sell anything all night.

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