Empty rows at Al Bayt in Qatar as beer is not sold in the stadium

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On the slopes of the colossus no party is observed. Not a sponsor who settles to offer their products like in other world cups

DOHA — Fans only have two options: Cola or alcohol-free beer. The rows are evidently empty at Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium in the World Cup opening. Obviously there is water, but not much is sold either. To eat they offer “chips” and no more. Those are the new rules. So open the worldin the midst of the strangeness of many.

In the corridors there is a lot of order. Perhaps the hobbies of Ecuador and Qatar They are not the loudest, but there is order. A glass of soda costs 15 Qatari reais, something like 80 Mexican pesos, obviously this means that there is not a large influx of people either.

On the slopes of the colossus no party is observed. Not a sponsor who is installed to offer their products as in other world. In the midst of a heat that embraces and squeezes out every last drop of sweat, the fans walk towards the stadium exhausted, but happy that they are nothing away from witnessing the opening of the world. There is nothing to drink. There are no stores. Yes, it’s deserted.

In the corridors of the modern stage we approach some fans. “The truth is very expensive this world. The most expensive ever, but we didn’t look at that. My family and I want to have fun and see win Ecuador”, expressed the Ecuadorian Silvia Mena, who also believes that the measure for not selling alcohol in the stadiums is more than positive.

Not much security is observed either. It is true that on several occasions the accreditation or in this case the Hayya Card is checked, but it is not seen that there are many police. It was possible to observe a group of policemen who, mounted on camels, were in the vicinity of the stadium, but there are no exhaustive checks, there are only volunteers who seek to satisfy the demand of the people who little by little add to the property that is very far from the city of Doha.

This is how the World Cup begins tonight. Gianni Infantino said it, in a different and evolutionary time. We will have to see how fans adapt to this new version of enjoying football.

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