Emilio Lara, the Americanist player who could not stand the teasing and did not know how to lose

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Emilio Lara had to be restrained by his teammates to calm down (Photo by: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

emilio lara represented that part of Americanism that after the final whistle in the second leg semi-finals drowned in frustration and courage to see how their illusions that America could dispute the title were annihilated by Toluca. The American youth squad showed that he belongs to an institution that did not train him to know how to lose.

After Toluca sealed their pass to the Liga MX final, the rookie defender was carried away by the provocations of the rivals. He cut to Jonathan Rodriguez, who was trying to reassure him, and infiltrated the scarlet soccer players who were celebrating the result. There was no room for dialogue, because Lara could not contain her anger and tried to pounce on the person responsible for her fury. However, his companions soon arrived to hold Lara and remove him from the field. On the 23rd of America he went to the locker room in tears.

The Devils drove their rival to despair and this was the conclusive proof. There is no worse defeat than the one suffered at home. The passage to the final was only decided by a goal, one that, probably, Lara himself could have avoided in the first leg; when he tried to lean on Guillermo Ochoa, but he left the ball adrift inside his own area and in an attempt to keep Jean Meneses from heading towards the goal, he ended up committing a child penalty. And immediately afterwards, he himself began to hit his face. Probably, if he hadn’t made that mistake, the difference wouldn’t have mattered to his teammates.

In addition to this, both in the first leg and in the second leg, Emilio was overtaken by the players who attacked from his side: Jean Meneses and Leonardo Lopez. defensively, Alejandro Zendejas and Richard Sánchez had to support him to double cover his rivals, because he couldn’t do it alone. On offense, he generated little and tried to wash away his mistake with an agonizing goal in the first leg.

Emilio Lara’s news is almost a dream for a newcomer. Throughout this Apertura 2022 tournament, all the mistakes that Lara could make could be made up by the rest of the team. América was the team that scored the most goals and also one of the best defensive teams. In addition to that, Gerardo Martino he selected him for a friendly match of the tricolor team. It all added up so that the spotlight focused on Lara who, in turn, was overconfident and began to show himself with greater pride on the field. He even made fun of Julian Quinones by sticking her tongue out at him after beating him in a defensive duel.

Emilio soon won the affection of his entire audience, because “Americanism runs in his veins.” American fans are in charge of cheering him on anything he does on or off the field. Throughout the tournament, social networks have been flooded with signs of support for the Hairless Lara. As usual, there is no lack of users who, after his first regular season, already want to place him in European football. Americanism celebrates it, even when it participates in the outbursts of anger.

Lara is 20 years old, she can play as a central or lateral. before the departure of Jorge Sanchez At Ajax, Emilio found the ideal space to take over ownership in America. It may be too early to put him as a blue-cream reference, or to talk about his departure to the old continent, but there is no doubt that he has shown football quality. Nevertheless, his sportsmanship and professionalism have been questioned after showing that he does not know how to lose.


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