El Salvador: Tombs of “Marasalvatrucha” Gang Members Destroyed

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In the saviorinmates destroyed graves of gang members of the Marasalvatruchaas part of the strategy of government to stop them and not create martyrs or worship items for new recruits.

What is known about the destruction of gang members’ graves in El Salvador?

The government of savior began to destroy the tombstones of members of gangs like MS-13 to prevent them from becoming places of worship and asked the citizens to report the places where these are found.

Confidence phase inmates they destroyed the tombstones last Tuesday and Wednesday, within the framework of the feast of the dead saintsin a municipal cemetery in the city of Holy button10 kilometers west of San Salvador.

In El Salvador they destroy tombs of gang members. Photo: AFP

The graves had photographs showing tombstones with the inscription MS-13, an acronym for the Marasalvatrucha, one of the most violent operating in El Salvador. The Maras have a presence in the most Central American countries.

Although the tombstones were destroyed, the remains of the gang members were left in their graves. So far the government has not specified how many tombstones of members of gangs have been destroyed.

Photo: AFP

Authorities asked the population of El Salvador denounce the location of graves with gang symbols to proceed with its destruction.

“In El Salvador there is NO space for terrorists,” Vice Minister of Justice Osiris Luna published on his Twitter account on Thursday, explaining that this decision was made to prevent gang members from “honoring” their deceased comrades. .

Photo: AFP

The strategy of the Salvadoran authorities in destroying these tombstones is to put an end to possible points of worship, or places of worship for the new recruits of what the government has called “terrorists”.

“Make your complaint. Send us a photo and the location of any terrorist remains in the cemeteries. The time of the terrorists, came to an end, and therefore they were destroyed. No more gangs in El Salvador.”

Osiris Luna, Deputy Minister of Justice.

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