EL KUN CLEARED IT: Sergio Aguero came out to explain why he made fun of Eduardo Camavinga at the celebrations in Argentina

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The Kun Omen he had to retire from football due to a heart problem, but he was present in Qatar. And although he couldn’t compete, he was definitely part of the group that became world champion.

After the epic final against France, Manchester City’s all-time top scorer was present at the festivities. He went down to the field, raised the Cup in front of everyone and then, already in the locker room, he went live on Instagram to show people how they were having a good time.

Partying, with a few drinks on him, Sergio made a comment that went down very badly with the French and Real Madrid. And it is that he made fun of Eduardo Camavinga. The Argentine legend released this phrase: «For Camavinga. Why? That dick face ». Like someone else mentioned it, he listened and, without much thought, blurted it out.

Seeing all the commotion that was generated, The Kun He considered it pertinent to go out and explain that he has nothing personal against the Real Madrid midfielder. It was just a party joke. He also shared that it is a joke that he usually makes on his streams.


«Heee. Let’s see first I have nothing with him and second is a party joke. Also if you search on stream he always joked with his name. Don’t look for trouble, pa”Sergio replied.

His true opinion about Camavinga? He is a CRACK.

Some understand that on these types of nights things are said without thinking and phrases and chants full of barbarities can even be released. Others, of course, are still outraged by the behavior of some Argentine soccer players.

The only certain thing is that they, in their style, will continue to enjoy it to the fullest.

And yes, Sergio spends his time joking and making mischievous comments on his broadcasts. He may like it or not, but that’s how it is.

Undefeated Data. Eduardo Camavinga has just closed the first World Cup of his career. He played a few minutes in the final, and he did well. He barely 20 years old.

Did you know…? Eduardo Camavinga was already champion of the League, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid. He did it in his first year at the white giant.

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