Effie 2022: complete list of winners

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The awards effie They carried out their 2022 edition, which this year involves ideas in a scenario pressured by inflation and confronting the consumer with a scheme that has used major resources, where the media game with agencies grows, in which only one point It is laudable and it is the ability to understand the commercial scenario and execute campaigns that add value to the client, who trusts creative ideas for their sales results, awareness and greater understanding of the market.

With an edition organized for this 2022 by the Alliance for the Strategic Value of brands (bird), the creative market has consolidated itself in a segment identified by innovation and not only that, by a scenario with the capacity to add, from a marketing perspective, the best ideas on the market.

The creative market has been consolidated in a series of resources from which the capacity of the brands stands out, which are affiliated around crucial organizations, where the ability to understand the market is fundamental and based on this understanding, assess the strategic dose in what is done as an agency and what is requested/accepted as a client.

Having said this, it is essential to understand the value of the market today and with this define activities, which have been consolidated from activities that are increasingly daring, such as those that have to do with strategic relevance, where an element is understandable and It is the opportunity for brands to understand consumption and highlight decisions before it.

Effie 2022

In the 2022 edition of the awards effie that took place in Altto San Ángel, creativity demonstrated its ability to understand consumption to generate results and based on value strategies, contribute to the transformation of the market where the role of the consumer is fundamental, with key recognitions such as the great effie of the year to Finda Sense, the advertiser of the year award was given to Pepsico, while ogilvy swept the agency of the year award.

“We are facing a very challenging political cycle and in this formula he sees our work with prejudice, he thinks that a businessman is an exploiter and a great publicist is a manipulator, I belong to this market research industry and I know incredible people. I invite you to raise your voice and explain all the good we do for Mexico,” he explained. claudio floresPresident of the Council of the birdinaugurating a highly anticipated edition.

Flores’ statement occurs in the midst of a series of unfortunate insights, which have currently been identified in the face of challenges imposed by the political agenda, where a creative resource is very important to consider and is the ability to understand how valuable information is. currently, in the decisions that are made in the market.

“The Effie are gaining much more relevance and credibility, being the most important event for our industry,” he commented. veronica hernandez, CEO of ogilvy Mexico, to ensure the communication challenge of how important strategic communication is.

Faced with the creative challenge, there are increasingly relevant tasks in marketing and it is the ability to understand the market from the alliance in associations, with resources that have made communication a core activity in the market.

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