Effective homemade tricks to clean an electric oven easily

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Although it is almost never done, like the microwave cleaningtoaster, rice cooker, frying pans, and other electrical appliances, the oven should also be cleaned after each use with a damp cloth. However, it is very common to make the mistake of putting it off and leaving crumbs and burnt food leftovers for days, weeks, even months!

Nothing more fateful than this, then, in a similar way to what happens to the clean air fryerallowing dirt to accumulate inside is the main reason why they adhere to the surface, a layer of fat is created on the walls and the baseodors are transmitted to other preparations and deterioration is accelerated.

We teach you how to clean an electric oven and what are the most recommended natural products and homemade tricks to leave it flawless and free of harmful microorganisms.

How to clean a very dirty electric oven

Before performing any grooming method, always remember read the instructions and directions provided by the manufacturer to avoid inconvenience. Also, unplug it so that there is no accident or risk of burning yourself when cleaning it.

  1. Take out the racks, trays, knobs and soak them for an hour with hot water, liquid soap and a few drops of degreaser -if you don’t have degreaser, add baking soda and white vinegar-. Rub them with a sponge, a hard-bristle brush or a metal scourer until the stuck grease is removed. When finished, rinse and dry to prevent the appearance of rust marks.
  2. For the interior, scrub with a sponge soaked in the same mixture above, while it is still hot -if possible, wear gloves so as not to mistreat your hands-, leave it to act for several hours and evaluate if the grease and dirt have loosened by passing a cloth moistened with hot water over the surface. You can repeat the process if necessary if it has not come off.
  3. With the door be careful! Especially with glass. Use a soft tissue to avoid scratching it. and apply a glass cleaner or vinegar with hot water and a little soapallow it to take effect for as long as necessary depending on the magnitude of the stains and stuck residues.

How to clean an electric oven with resistance

Many of them work with higher resistances, very effective, but also delicate because they are essential part of the electrical system of this appliance. Although the above procedure is very effective, it is not recommended that a chemical grease remover comes into contact with the heating elements, since it could touch the wiring and be abrasive for this material. that’s where cleaning the electric oven with vinegar is the best option. See how to do it:

electric resistance oven cleaning

  1. Mix 200 ml of hot water with 100 ml of vinegar, preferably in a spray bottle.
  2. Spread the mixture all over the oven without leaving any corner uncovered -including the heating elements- and leave it to act for 4 hours.
  3. After this time, add salt to a moistened sponge in hot water and remove all burnt remains.
  4. Finish the process by rinsing with warm water and a cloth. Let dry with the door open.

Another excellent alternative is to mix three parts of water, one of vinegar and the juice of two lemons. Spread the mixture by rubbing both the inside and outside of the oven with a sponge, but without wetting the heating elements too much. Wait 40 minutes and pass a cloth with clean water to remove the product and grease.

How to clean electric oven with lemon and salt?

An advantage of lemon, in addition to softening the sticky layer, is that Provides a fresh and pleasant aroma and neutralizes annoying odors such as that of the fearsome fish. Follow these steps:

tabletop oven cleaning lemon salt

  1. the first thing will be preheat oven to 200°C.
  2. Then, on the baking tray, squeeze two lemonsplace the peels and introduce it for 15 to 20 minutes so that the steam of the citrus acts and softens the fat.
  3. Make a paste with lemon juice and salt.
  4. Apply it over the entire area with the oven still warm and let it act for 40 minutes.
  5. With a soft bristle brush rub the surface and rinse with a cloth and warm water.

Note: this procedure also works mixing baking soda and lemonthe key is to heat the oven to soften embedded grime.

How to clean electric oven with baking soda and vinegar?

We know that various cleaning products are available on the market, specially manufactured for loosen stuck-on food and remove greasehowever, vinegar and bicarbonate are two components disinfectants, antibacterial, natural And ecological! Take advantage of its properties by cleaning the countertop oven as follows:

oven cleaning baking soda vinegar

  1. In an open container, prepare a thick paste with 10 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 of vinegar and 4 of hot water.
  2. Spread the mixture with a sponge or stiff bristle brush along the walls and base of the oven, paying attention to the dirtiest areas. Leave on overnight or for 8 hours.
  3. At dawn, remove the dirt with a damp cloth and rinse until all the dirt is removed.

The tabletop oven is practical, easy to use and guarantees to heat and prepare delicious dishes quickly, without spending gas and in a much more comfortable way, and, if properly sanitized, it can last for many years with you. Enjoy the benefits of these products to clean an electric oven that are powerful, economical, and the best: kind to the environment.