Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme is hit with a cell phone in concert

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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme is beaten in full concert, he scolds the public
Eduin Caz stops concert for public aggression. Photo: AFP

Edwin Cazthe vocalist of firm group, He was hit with a cell phone in the middle of a concert at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. The singer did not remain silent and stopped the show to ask for calm.

And it is that hunting He has faced several ups and downs lately, because although he recently announced that he will be a father again, he is also dealing with the boos he received last weekend at the Azteca during halftime of the NFL game.

Eduin Caz stops concert due to public aggression

In the video that went viral in social networksit is seen how a person in the audience throws an object at him that apparently is a cell phoneFortunately, it did not hit the head but the chest, this in the middle of a song they were singing.

In response to the attack, he stops the concert of firm group to ask the attendees to calm down, otherwise they will no longer be able to continue singing.

“They knocked down the fence that is there in front and they are not controlling themselves. We take care that there in front they control themselves a bit to be able to go to the catwalk and offer them a better show there and back here. If we control ourselves there in front, they will have us there. They’re scolding us, then.”

Edwin Caz

In the meantime, Johnny CazEduin’s brother, who confirmed that the security of the organization of the event warned them that if the disorder continued, they would have to cancel the concert.

“If they start throwing things on stage like phones, boots and so on, we’re going to have to get off.”

Finally, the public answered the call and the firm group concert it went smoothly.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that something like this has happened against Caz, who assured that he was not a “gold coin” to be liked by everyone.

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