Dua Lipa wears a risky green bikini and hits the net with her beauty | PHOTO

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A couple of days ago the singer Dua Lipa turned 27 years old, and at her young age she is considered one of the most iconic youth singers of recent years, and it is precisely due to her art that the famous has millions of fans who are constantly watching his every move in the music industry.

Let us remember that after working as a model, Dua Lipa signed a contract with Warner Bros in 2014, it was from that moment that she began her career as a singer and to date her talent has led her to win more than 100 awards, including three grammystwo in 2019 for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording for “Electricity” and in 2021 he won one more for his song “Future nostalgia” which won the Best Album award.

an icon for women

In addition to being a singer with great vocal talent, Dua Lipa She has positioned herself as one of the women with the greatest projection of her security, because she cares little about the comments that are said about her when wearing all kinds of garments, from leather, fishnet or even transparent outfits, in addition to the fact that she has become into an iconic woman because it promotes the freedom to decide whether or not to wear a bra.

It is because of this broad panorama in which Lipa It has established itself as a unique figure in the world of entertainment on a global level, which on its Instagram account is one of the most followed celebrities in the world, since it has more than 86 million followers.

Impact with its beauty in networks

On this platform the singer, songwriter, model and actress british of Kosovar Albanian origin is considered one of the figures that imposes fashion, in addition to the fact that with her unique style on more than one occasion she has defied the limits of restriction of the platform.

Now the singer has shown once again that she is not afraid to defy the rules of Instagramthe social network with more than 1 billion of users connected every day, who share photos and videos and now it is Dua who has shared a couple of photos where she models in a beautiful green bikini with butterfly designs, with which she also shows her toned silhouette.



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