Dracarys? They register in Mexico a girl with the name of ‘Khaleesi’

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A newborn was registered with the Civil Registry under the name of Angela Khaleesialluding to the character Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke, from the Game Of Thrones series.

A photograph circulated on social networks that shows the fragment of a birth certificate in which the name of the newborn woman stands out; nevertheless, it is only possible to distinguish that the minor was born in November no specification of the year.

According to several media outlets, the registration occurred in Tamaulipas, although some Internet users on social networks humorously took the decision of the parents and affirmed that It would be great if the neighborhood where Angela Khaleesi lives was called ‘Westeros’”.

The Twitter user @Lalitski he also joked in allusion to the universe created by the writer George RR Martin: “Angela Khaleesi, born of the storm, first with the name, queen of the Dothraki, the Andals and the first men, the one that does not burn, mother of dragons, releaser of chainslady of the 7 kingdoms and protector of the earth.

In the Game Of Thrones universe, Khaleesi is a title that the tribe of the Dothraki designate the wife of the Khal, who is the leader of the community of warriors.

The image of the fragment of the birth certificate began to circulate in the same period that the last chapter of the series was released House of the Dragon on HBO Max, Game Of Thrones prequel story.

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