Dr. Simi anticipates Rammstein fans and proposes to launch virtual stuffed animals

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  • The famous character belonging to Farmacias Similares has gained great popularity over the years, and has become the image of the brand.

  • The brand has developed a filter available on Instagram with which it is possible to continue with the tradition imposed in previous concerts.

  • It is known that the company has almost 40 percent of the pharmaceutical market capitalization in Mexico.

The character of Dr Simidetached from the Farmacias Similares brand, has presented a filter through its TikTok account that will allow fans to throw plush toys virtually during the Rammstein concert.

Let us remember that for some time, it has become a tradition for fans to launch a plush of the famous character during some of the concerts of international artists. And the fact is that the presence of the brand is not the only thing that has made it the leader in the pharmaceutical market in today’s Mexico, but its recognition through the figure of this stuffed toy-botarga has caused, in terms of marketingthat people decide to do organic advertising through these actions.

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Presence of Similar Pharmacies in Mexico

The pharmaceutical industry in Mexico is by far one of the most important. This was reflected in the country once the Covid-19 pandemic began to spread throughout the Mexican territory, as its offices and pharmacies began to be one of the most visited points within the contingency.

In the same way, it was during this time that the urgency to protect the millions of inhabitants of the Mexican Republic made these companies manage to make a difference, some even risking their lives and dying in the process.

Among them, there are some brands that have managed to create a positive effect in the Mexican consumer, because according to an investigation by the Storecheck medium on the leading pharmacy chains in the country, Farmacias Similares was recently ranked as the most importantobtaining a 39 percent share in the sector, all this having presented the amount of 2 thousand 619 million dollars in sales value; On the other hand, in second place was FEMSA’s Mexican Economic Development, which has more than 2,400 branches in the country; In third place was Farmacias Guadalajara with 1,865 branches in Mexico.

Taking into account that the Mexican market has a considerable offer in practically every item, it is worth highlighting what has been achieved Similar Pharmacies when proclaimed as a leader in this sector, partly due to its large strategies of marketing for which the brand has opted to implement over the years.

About these strategies Similar pharmacies has highlighted mainly due to the presence on social networks of Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals and botargas.

Dr. Simi anticipates Rammstein fans and proposes to launch virtual stuffed animals

Dr. Simi’s official account on TikTok has come up with a solution for Rammstein fans who may have been wanting to release one of the character’s signature plushies.

In the video, the famous Dr. of the brand presenting the new Instagram filter “Simiavento”, which will apparently allow users to continue the famous tradition of launching stuffed animals with their image, but virtually. This, in part, due to the controversy that arose around the recordings of a live concert of the band where the Mexican public would supposedly be included.

Fans of the band urged attendees not to throw stuffed animals in order not to compromise the result of the recordings and ensure that the cuts remain in the final result. After a few days, the brand has figured out how to solve this and other problems.

This is the shared video of the Instagram “Monkey” filter:

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