“Don’t stretch it so much anymore”

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Gloria Trevi She is a very controversial celebrity, because some people love her and others will never forgive her for her dark past with Sergio Andrade, which is why every thing he does on networks gives a lot to talk about.

A few days ago, Gloria Trevi was criticized for her appearance, after offering a television interview that went viral and for which fans They did not stop commenting on how his face looked.

On this occasion, Gloria Trevi took a break from her Isla Divina World Tour and took advantage of the fact that she is performing in Puerto Rico this weekend to enjoy the tourist destinations that the island offers.

For this reason, Gloria Trevi uploaded to her Instagram a series of photos in which she enjoys the beach and wears a bikini, which had positive messages, but also quite a few criticizing her.

And it is that, according to her detractors, Gloria Trevi not only looked thin for them, but they also criticized her because, in her opinion, the face has been stretched too far:

Don’t stretch your face so much anymore you’re beginning to look less like yourself and you’re very pretty”, “Are you sure you’re from this planet?”, “Now we can tell Gloria Trevi who is ass ***, like her face”, were some of the comments.