Dog cries and throws a tantrum because her owner ignores her

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TikTok video: puppy imitates its owner and goes viral
The case of the crying dog had a happy ending. Photo: Getty / Illustrative

If we had already seen that a dog stole hearts for her job in a hardware store and another went viral for roulette in a taxithe tantrum that this pet made it will leave you amazed she started crying just because her owner ignored her for just over a minute.

In one delivery more than puppy storiesthis puppy stole the eyes on the internet for the level of control that she wants to apply to her owner since, apparently, she wants attention all the time.

Dog cries because her owner ignores her

TikTok user @ariiisbg shared on a video of the reaction that her dog had: She started to cry just because he pretended to ignore her for more than 60 seconds.

The young man recorded when he pretended to be focused on doing homework, diverting his attention from the dog, a situation that, as can be seen in the images, did not appear to the animal because it began to get sad and stare at him.

Immediately afterwards, the dog began to attract attention. crying because his owner ignored him. As the seconds progressed, his crying became louder and since he had no answer he began to hit the boy’s arm with his paws.

The dog’s attitude woke tenderness in users who watched the video and commented:

  • “The eyes, I’m dying”
  • “I’m dying, the sad face he makes”
  • “Dramatic puppy, I love him”
  • “How beautiful”
  • “Pay attention to him, now”
  • “The little dog: do you not love me anymore? If you have another tell me at once”

The case of this dog does not end there, in a second video her owner shared that everything ended with happy ending. He turns to see her pet, opens his arms as if to give her a hug and ends up kissing her on the head.