Dodgers driver suffers seven fractures after jumping off a slide during live broadcast

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dodgers toboggan driver
The driver of the Dodgers suffered seven fractures when launching from a slide. | Photo: Twitter.

The television host for the Dodgers baseball team, David Vassegh, suffered seven fractures after falling off a slide during a live broadcast prior to the meeting between LA Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewersthis Wednesday in Wisconsin, United States.

The events occurred when, during a live link, the baseball announcerwho allegedly had been planning for several days go down the slide before the game, jumped down the slide Bernie’s Slide in the American Family Field before the sports match.

In the images of the video circulating on social networks, you can see Vassegh going down the slide at full speed while cursing. However, the intrepid driver’s journey did not end at the end of the slidesince it was shot until it crashed into a wall.

After the impact, the driver of the Dodgers he curled up on the floor and started screaming in pain while holding her doll. According to reports, David Vassegh ended up injured with seven fractures, one in the wrist and six more in the ribs.

Despite the incident, the injured driver reappeared in another transmission greeting his teammates with a “Hello, guys!”, while showing his cast wrist and thanking the team that helped him during the accident on the slide

The david vassegh incident It did not go unnoticed by the players of the Dodgerswho went 2-1 against the Milwaukee Brewers, as the Los Angeles team’s catcher, austinbarnes, told the driver that the team “joined you.”

In addition, in social networks they were quickly available driver’s t-shirts showing off his injured wrist.