Doctor Simi interrupts job interview and surprises candidate

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  • Studies like the “2020-2021 Aflac Workforces Report” They account for the benefits that a company candidate seeks to be hired.

  • Doctor Simi is one of the key personalities in the Pharma market.

  • Other brands like Heineken have turned job interviews into advertising.

The doctor simi showed that a job interview it goes beyond a recruitment process, it is also the opportunity to publicize how brands stand out in the labor market, especially with benefits that have been measured in studies.

In reports As the “2020-2021 Aflac Workforces Report” realized which job benefits were most sought after by prospective employees at a company, and the majority, 86 percent, considered health insurance crucial, followed by 78 percent who voted for savings programs for retirement and 73 percent who voted for dental insurance.

an unexpected benefit

With the premise that the unexpected is what changes your life, Victor Gonzalez, CEO of Similar pharmaciessurprised a candidate who was in a job interview, with a benefit before being hired.

@vicglezh In the end, the unexpected is what changes your life. The interviewee 😲 #motivation #the CEO #viral #office #drsimi #surprise @drsimi_oficial ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

The businessman known for his activism and commitment to employees of the pharmacy chain, decided to give sweet breads such as matcha shells to his employees, as part of the emotional salary he offers to corporate employees.

Throughout the video, which has more than 70,000 views on TikTokwe see the famous character of Doctor Simi dressed as a chef and giving the details, even to a candidate who was in a job interview, whom they mistook as a company employee, so that before being hired he already enjoyed the employment benefit.

The occurrence is an interesting background of how brands build branding through their work activities and how, based on these actions, they manage to build value strategies for the consumer.

In branding There is a concept known as Brand Positioning Modelwhere the structure is given to a brand so that it can be differentiated from the rest starting from what makes it unique by answering key questions such as who you are, how you do it and why, what you believe in and what you help people achieve, especially the collaborators of your organization.

This concept explains why a businessman like González, CEO of Farmacias Similares, has managed to build a complete brand context and thereby establish benchmarks that today consolidate valuable activities before the consumer and internally, before the company’s collaborators. That is why, when seeing the video published by the interviewee, the followers’ comments wished the candidate luck, hoping that he would be hired, while other users asked to work in the company and want to know how to be part of it.

“As a consumer that makes me continue to support them. In the same way, giving and receiving is a balance”, explained a consumer who watched the video and verified the value of employer branding.

Like this case, brands that have turned a job interview into a branding strategy have resorted to even turning it into an advertising campaign, as happened with Heinekenwhen the beer brand turned a recruitment process into an advertising piece.

Employer branding is today a key concept of how brands can build strong names not only in the consumer market, but also in the job market.

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