Do you go to jail if you don’t pay your Liverpool credit card?

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A credit card, whether traditional or departmental, is a tool that can help you in case of an emergency, or in the case of seeing an offer that you could not cover without having some money saved. And one of the most popular is the Liverpool store.

With this card you can access discounts and promotions from the Rosita department store, and it is offered by the same establishment if you meet the requirements they ask for, its amount varies depending on the applicant’s risk level. And each customer has their line of credit, which is a good place to start your credit history.

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Can I go to jail if I don’t pay my Liverpool card?

If you have stopped paying your Liverpool credit card, or your debt became unpayable for only giving the minimum amount each month, they will not send you to jailbut your debt may remain registered in the credit bureau.

Since according to article 17 of the Constitution, “No one can be imprisoned for debts of a purely civil nature.” But what if can affect is credit history of the cardholder and it is more difficult to request future larger or traditional credits.

That is why it is recommended that, if you start your line of credit with a departmental card, you manage it well so that in the future you have a good history with the credit bureau. And it is easier to buy a car, case or take out a loan for a larger amount of money.

Recommendations to avoid having an unpayable debt

In case of taking out a departmental card, the following recommendations are given so as not to have an unpayable debt later and fall into the credit bureau:

Know your cut-off date and payment limit

Do not pay the minimum on your card unless it is an emergency

Don’t buy things you can’t afford

Check the promotions for months without interest

Try to cover all the debt for the month so as not to generate extra interest

For more information on this and other topics, visit our section on credits.


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