do not buy two-liter soft drinks

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Martha debayle. (TikTok/@marthadebayle)

Martha debayle decided it was a good idea to upload a TikTok in which he gave advice on how to be “a good host”. For a long time, social networks have taken with tweezers everything that the radio host says. And especially care is taken in what is likely to become a meme, like when, last year, said that her daughter had cried for the death of Queen Elizabeth, whom she called “granny”. The entire virtual world burst out laughing at that anecdote, and memes continue to spread everywhere every time that episode is remembered.

The matter began when, on his TikTok account, Debayle gave free rein to his creativity to list five tips on how to receive someone at home with luxury of attention and finesse. It all starts with giving a simple glass of water. Yes, a glass of water, because even that can be criticized in Debayle’s eyes.. According to her and her learning, the water must be served with a shaker napkin, in a pitcher and even with tongs so that the guest can place ice to her liking. “The devil is in the details,” she says.

And he continued with the advice. If someone comes home and asks for a soft drink, you have to put a cover on the can. Yes, a cover for the soda can. Infallible advice to surprise guests. And there are no alternatives, because Martha Debayle says that two-liter bottles are not an option. One would think that the two-liter sodas were invented, precisely, to distribute to the guests, but yes, Martha Debayle says that they should not be used, well, no way, they should not be used and nothing better than putting a sock-like cover on the soda of the guest You will be surprised, no doubt.

It is not enough to offer sweet bread in a conventional way. You have to take it in a double-story tower. Well, that actually doesn’t look too bad, but when it comes to pan de dulce, Mexicans have a non-negotiable convention: it can come in whatever presentation it may be, in a two-story tower or in the simplest tray imaginable, and it will be enjoyed anyway. But you know: the important thing is to be a good host and for that you have to listen to the advice of baylĂ­stico. It all ended with two pieces of advice that were quite similar to the previous ones, in which he talked about the advisability of offering iced tea with a whole set of cups and vases, as well as a final piece of advice to accompany cheese and crackers.

Unsurprisingly, this advice serial sparked a lot of jokes and skits. To begin with, in Martha’s own publication, in which comments such as: “Steps to be a good host: do not invite Martha Debayle to your house”, “How can I not invite two-liter coke to my guests?” ?”. And the mess continued on Twitter, where jokes about Debayle’s thinking and her recommendations were distributed, which certainly have a classist air, to no one’s surprise. “Martha will never use the yogurt cups to store beans.”

There is no doubt that Martha Debayle already carries the meme label with her, and in a way she has understood it, because as long as she continues to be popular, despite the fact that it is due to jokes and mockery, she will continue to be in the center of conversation and nothing is guaranteed. over it. In the meantime, she will continue to give advice on anything.


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