Digital prescriptions, how is the new method sanctioned by Health for the purchase of medicines? | Physician order photo is no longer allowed

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The National Ministry of Health repealed the norm that enabled the presentation of prescriptions in digital formats, such as photos or scans. This had been authorized in April 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, for the prescription and sale of medicines, given that mandatory social isolation measures were in force. Now, in resolution 3622/2022, the health portfolio considered that “since the country is at a very different time from that of 2020” it is convenient to reorder the regulations in accordance with the current epidemiological situation.

According to the resolution, from this Monday, December 26 Only physical prescriptions on paper or digital prescriptions with an electronic signature certified by the health authorities through an official computer system may be submitted.

Until today, patients could take the photograph of their doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy, and buy their medicines. In this sense, the Ministry of Health indicated that this procedure violated a series of laws and “It constituted an exceptional measure in the context of a health crisis”.

“Modifications were authorized in the prescription and dispensing of psychotropic or other medications for the care of chronic and possibly acute pathologies while the health emergency lasts, introducing modifications to the procedures provided for in Laws No. 17,132, No. 17,565, No. 19,303 and in the ANMAT Provision Nº 13.831/16, regarding patients with chronic or acute treatments, enabling the presentation of prescriptions in text message format or messages through web, mail or fax messaging applications and, in turn, can be presented at the pharmacy, so that the patient does not have to go to the health center or hospital to renew the prescription for chronic medications and/or any other medication that they regularly use”, reads the text of the resolution in the Official bulletin.

What changes in the case of PAMI

From the Ministry of Health they anticipated that PAMI affiliates will not suffer changes in the modality of digital recipes, because the institute “has a system that validates the competence of the professional who signs.”

Retirees and pensioners attached to this social work have the possibility of continuing with this tool that It facilitates and expedites the prescription and dispensing of medicines, giving more security to the medical act and allowing the quality of medical care to be improved.

PAMI is not covered by the new provision given that it has a system that approves these prescriptions through the pharmacy, it is called FARMAPAMI”, spokespersons for the social work told Page 12.

In this framework, the member communicates with his PAMI doctor, and the electronic prescription goes automatically through the system to the pharmacies. “The beneficiary picks it up with a credential and ID directly“, they maintained.

Those interested in accessing the electronic prescription system must have an address in the registry that PAMI provided for this purpose. If you are not registered, you must follow the detailed steps on the Institute’s website to start using the digital recipe service.

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