Diego Luna Reveals What It Was Like To Produce The Star Wars “Andor” Series

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diego moon was invited, not only to star “Andor”also to produce the new series of the universe of starwars which will premiere on September 21st on the platform Disney+. In an interview for UnoTv.com The Mexican assured that he was already getting tired of acting because he does not like to be late for projects, he enjoys proposing and doing table work to better understand the roles he develops.

“I am very excited about what is happening, especially what I am living through, I really appreciate seeing the process of others, growing, understanding and getting involved from the origin of things, I had gotten a little tired of acting because we always go late to the project, ”said the actor.

Diego Luna is the producer and protagonist of the series “Andor”. Photo: AFP.

“Andor” It is a project that ensures diego moon “He feels it’s his own”: “I was invited to produce it so I’ve been part of the series from the beginning, I was able to be at the right and opportune moment to question things. I really enjoy being at the discussion tables, where the models and sketches are made”.

Diego Luna does not think about the future, “enjoy the trip”

diego moon revealed that he does not like to think about the future and Avoid viewing yourself in certain places: “How sad to be so worried about the future, also what happens if you don’t make it, then did you fail? I tend to think about the present, about what is happening to me, I enjoy the trip and let what is to come”.

“Except in my adolescence, I have had the fortune to work on very interesting projects, from which I have learned and above all because of the people with whom I have been able to exchange knowledge”.

diego moon

“Andor” focuses on the story of its protagonist Cassian Andor, who after a thief steals an object is recruited by a member of the rebellion to save the universe.