Diego Lainez and his imminent return to Liga MX; without succeeding in Europe and relisted

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Diego Lainez will culminate his career in Europe after four years and eight goals between Real Betis and Sporting de Braga (Photo: Mauricio Salas/ Jam Media/Getty Images)

The european dream to Diego Laínez It looks to be culminatedOr at least that’s how it will be for now. The 22-year-old player will not continue in the Old Continent after having been four seasons trying luck. The attacker has the hours counted for his imminent return to MX League. According to different media, the youth squad eagles of america will return to Mexico to sign with the UANL Tigers.

The young soccer player will not return to Mexican territory as some of his compatriots did before, such as Pavel BrownHector Moreno or Raphael Marquez, who had a step outstanding in European teams and they arrived at Aztec football with a poster that they earned by hand. Unlike them, Lainez could not consolidate in Europe in any team where he played; Real Betis and Braga from Portugal.

Diego Lainez did not have the necessary participation in Real Betis, so he left;  of the bético team (Photo: Jose Luis Contreras/DAX Images/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Diego Lainez did not have the necessary participation at Real Betis, so he left the Betis squad (Photo: Jose Luis Contreras/DAX Images/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

When Ricardo Antonio La Volpe debuted at Lainez with the Bluecreams in 2016, the reasons to be excited about its quality were high. The caracolero striker caught the attention of the Real Betis and in 2019 emigrated towards the Spanish league in exchange for 17 million dollars, According to the magazine Forbes. His signing represented andthe third most expensive in history of the verdiblancos and the expectations were enormous.

The season 2019-2020 meant the presentation of Diego Laínez in the maximum circuit in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. with those of Seville started as substitute and from Mexico it was thought that it was due to his lack of experience. With the passing of the weeks, the extreme failed to establish nor earn the incumbent position. In 2022 it came out of The league looking for minutes, so the sporting braga gave him the opportunity and it was a carbon copy of what happened with Betis; Lainez on the bench and without seeing action on the pitch.

Diego Lainez searched for  minutes of play at Sporting de Braga, although I did not find;  what I was looking for  (Photo: Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Diego Lainez searched for game minutes at Sporting de Braga, although he did not find what he was looking for (Photo: Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Thanks to the low participation of Diego in his previous squads, the americanist outfit He tried to take over the services of the Tabasco again, although without success. The Betis asked about 7 million dollars by the player and the UANL Tigers They were the only ones to accept that amount. According to Sports stadiumthe cats will make a first payment of 3 million dollars, followed by a second and third amount in variables; an operation in which the Monterrey will keep the 65% of your letter for a future sale, the twenty% they will protect it béticos and a 15% America.

Santiago Banos, sports director of the Eagles He spoke about the possible signing of Lainez to wear the cream-blue jacket. “The interest of America is known by all. We’ve been a long time (trying). Unfortunately nothing came of it. Diego himself asked us for 2 million dollars salary to come to the club. Give that type of salary and be the best paid on the team, to a player who in the Last year he played 13% of the minutesis not correct. He does not speak well of his priorities”, Baños assured in an interview for Marca Claro.

In this sense, the footballer will land in New Lion to sign with the tigers thanks to an external movement. His incorporation occurred after the departure of Florian Thauvin, the same that did not give the width in the royal team and on social networks his withdrawal was announced. The French was the best paid of the MX League beside André-Pierre Gignacwith 4.6 and 5.5 million dollars respectively. Therefore, the salary space left by Thauvin served to Lainez will finalize his new contract with the college students. Economically, the trip Lainez through Europe served for his requote.

In that way, Diego Laínez He will play in Mexican soccer again. When the player left America, Betis paid 17 million dollars and now tigers will buy it for 7 milliona devaluation considerable if one takes into account that four years have passed since his departure from the Eagles. The footballer could hardly do eight goals in Europe and it was not to the liking of the five coaches he had.

from first moment, Lainez would fight for a starting position for the band along with Javier Aquino and Luis Quinonesplayers who have been in the feline institution and will not make the situation easy for the former player of America. In social networks, the balance of some journalists has leaned towards arguing that he is a kickback for player come back to Mexico. The truth is Lainez he went to Europe What promise Y return to the MX League with more pain than glory, because it did not shine in the Old Continent.


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