Did Humberto Zurita propose to Stephanie Salas?

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Humberto Zurita Stephanie Salas
Humberto and Stephanie surprised with their romance. Photos: Cuartoscuro | AFP

The classic “I love you” have already been publicly exchanged and they even counted how did your love story startnow Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas draw attention again because the actor made a proposal to his girlfriendcould it be that they already think about wedding?

A close friend of the couple revealed that Humberto Zurita already invited Stephanie Salas to take the next step and she apparently accepted. Did she propose marriage?

Humberto Zurita’s proposal to Stephanie Salas

In this relationship, Humberto Zurita He is the one who has given the most statements. The 68-year-old actor even shared how their children reacted to the new opportunity that is given in lovethree years after the death of his wife Christian Bach.

According to the magazine facesa friend of the couple confessed that Zurita is extremely happy for his courtship with Salas and for that reason he has already made a request and they are considering taking another step in their relationship.

“Humberto has proposed to Stephanie Salas that they live together, that she move to his house and that they share the same roof and she accepted delighted. Love hit them so hard that they don’t want to be apart, and at their age they want to enjoy every moment to the fullest.”

pointed out the source

The interviewee added that Humberto has had a significant change in his life after being a widower.

“Since the death of Christian Bach, in 2019, we have not seen him so happy. Losing her wife for 33 years was very painful, but he had a great certainty, although inside her her absence weighed heavily “

the friend commented

The informant agreed with what Zurita had already said, that he has known Stephanie Salas for years and the actress also came to live with Christian Bach.

“They have known each other all their lives and had already worked together, but they had never seen each other with romantic eyes. It was until she called him to invite him to dinner, and there was a very special chemistry, and from there they did not stop dating until they became boyfriends “


Hubert and Stephanie formalized their relationship when she attended Villa de Guadalupe, Baja California, to celebrate her birthday. The granddaughter of Silvia Pinal He arrived at the celebration with his daughters Michelle and Camila.

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