Diaphora is Alice in an Alice Madness Returns cosplay

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Although the original version of Alice in Wonderland is a fantasy novel written by Lewis Carroll, there are many very popular alternate versions and one of them is American McGee in video games. Today we bring you a cosplay of Alicia inspired by said version, well Diaphora paid tribute to the game Alice Madness Returns.

The American McGee’s Alice game was published by EA in 2000 and presented a darker version of the fairy tale, with a sequel coming in 2011 that showed what Alice would look like a few years after the events, a version Diaphora drew on. He did an excellent cosplay.

Years ago, American McGee announced that the story of his universe was going to continue with Alice: Asylum, but in recent updates he said that the project was progressing slowly and I was waiting for EA to contact you. While we wait for news, we bring you the Diaphora cosplay that he made to celebrate Halloween last year.

Alena is a cosplayer better known as Diaphora who has been active on social networks for less than a year and a half and one of her first cosplays was that of Alice in the version of Alice Madness Returns, published in October 2021. Since then we have not returned to see Diaphora in an Alice cosplay until Halloween last year, almost a year after her first version.

The second cosplay of Alice inspired by Alice Madness Returns that Diaphora made is very different from the previous one, because although in general it looks very similar, this new one is full of fan service. For starters, Alicia does not wear her iconic dress and instead appears to simply wear a tablecloth and a very revealing bathing suit, as well as her iconic knife, the Vorpal Blade.

Since then we have not seen Diaphora in an Alice cosplay inspired by the version of Alice Madness Returns, but that was not the last time we saw her transformed into a gothic waifu because shortly after she showed us a Merlina Addams cosplay inspired by Wednesday that nothing was wrong with him.


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