Diaphora cosplaying Merlina Addams inspired by Wednesday

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Last year we saw the premiere of the first season of wednesday and Tim Burton’s new series began to break records quickly, becoming the most watched of Netflix In a few weeks. This week its second season was announced and we celebrate by sharing the cosplay of merlin addams what did the beautiful Alenaalso known as Diaphora.

For a time it was questioned whether Netflix was going to announce a second season of Wednesday for its service, because last year Amazon bought MGM for an $8.5 billion dollar deal, becoming owners of the Merlina IP and the Addams Family. However, it has already been confirmed that Netflix will have its second season and we’ll be seeing more of Merlina Addams this year, plus Alena’s cosplay.

Since the first season of Wednesday premiered on Netflix, we have seen the emergence of various cosplays and fan arts inspired by the most famous Addams, which range from homages to scenes from the series to original versions. Diaphora’s Merlina cosplay falls into the second category, as its purpose is to offer pure fan service.

Diaphora is a 22-year-old cosplayer who has been active for about a year and a half, but in that time she has put on many professional-quality cosplays transforming into characters from video games, anime, and manga. Diaphora occasionally cosplays movie and TV characters, as in the case of Merlina Addams from the Wednesday series.

The first time we saw Alena in her Merlina Addams cosplay was in October last year, but she recently re-shared one of her photos with all her followers. Surely Wednesday fans are happy about the announcement of the second season, but when it is expected to arrive on Netflix has not yet been announced.


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