Destruction continues in UNAM campuses, now it was the turn of the Faculty of Medicine

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The strikes and destruction of middle and higher level institutions in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) continue and in many cases surprisingly. So far, there are several faculties and upper secondary schools of that institution that continue to be taken over.

As in some of the cases that have been registered in the Maximum House of Studies, now the target of those who harm the property of the UNAM, were a dozen hooded men who illegally broke into the facilities of the Faculty of Medicine in Ciudad Universitaria, doing graffiti and breaking the windows of some offices.

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More than 20 Schools and Faculties of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have erupted in student unemployment in recent weeks.

In the vast majority surprisingly. The first interpretation, that the majority makes, about its origin, is that there are external and obscure political interests behind these strikes, but like all social and political events there is no single cause that explains them.

The first thing is to have an approach to the context that defines who are the current students of the National University, because for more interests foreign to their movements, there is an authentic claim of the young people. Regardless of whether or not we can understand their own ways and demands.

The characteristics of the students of 1968 and those of the 21st century.

The young people of the 1968 movement demanded political freedoms in a stable economic context, while those of today have political freedoms, but demand better economic conditions. What defines this generation is uncertainty, mainly economic. Most of the strikes have as demands the requirement of spaces for economic exchange through Kerm├ęs, provisional tianguis and even permanent harvest spaces. There is also an abundance of demands for services, greater security and against gender violence.

A political thermometer for the dispute between the University and the country.

All of the above must be seasoned with the political dispute that is looming next year due to the change of rector and in a year and a half, due to the presidential succession. What is at stake is a budget greater than 16 states of the Republic, a community of more than 400,000 university students, with enormous moral and political influence in the country, due to its union, groups, intellectuals, and the figure of a rector with the stature of a secretary of state.

There is a legitimate context of claim by the students, but it is also true that in different assemblies they appear masked who are not from the campuses, who come to pressure, even encourage violence, because they know that this paralyzes the will, as long as achieve unemployment.

In short, the recent strikes at UNAM are an indicator of the state of mind and symptoms of the youth, but also a political thermometer of the dispute that is looming in our University and the country.


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