Decathlon client criticizes self-payment boxes

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  • 60 percent of shoppers consider queues to be the problem when shopping in stores.

  • those businesses that have implemented these types of automation processes report an 11 percent increase in visits.

  • In Mexico, brands such as Walmart and Zara are implementing this type of tool.

Technology continues to evolve in these times, where companies and brands continue to use tools to improve the experience they provide to the consumer. This is the case of a woman who went viral due to a peculiar call she made to the Decathlon brand, where she criticized them for the use of self-service checkouts.

In recent years, Globally, the use of self-payment systems in supermarkets and retail stores has been promoted. These consist of systems that by means of terminals allow the customer to charge himself for the products taken from the gondolas.

Given this, in the United States, Europe and Asia there are more than 60 thousand supermarkets with self-payment systems. In London there are supermarkets that only have this collection method. According to a Capgemini study, 60 percent of shoppers consider long lines to be the main problem when shopping at the store.

In that same order, the study highlighted that while those businesses that have implemented this type of automation processes report an 11 percent increase in customer visits, as well as an 11 percent increase in sales compared to establishments that They do not have this service.

The history

Although technology has come to help us in many aspects of life, it has also been strongly criticized by many, especially when it comes to carrying out an activity that they are not used to.

The claim of a consumer has gone viral, the story made by the user @tertuliamotogp on Twitter, a complaint after mentioning that she did not buy for the simple fact of having to charge herself using the self-payment boxes that the Decathlon store is implementing.

“It is shameful that they want to take advantage of their customers. I come from my job, 8 hours working, I am without eating, I come to spend my money here and it turns out that there are no ATMs. I have to charge myself ”, she begins by saying the letter that the woman left in her networks to the brand after attending a store of the firm in Madrid, Spain.

Likewise, the consumer explains that she does not work for the brand for free, so she decides to leave the products and leave.

“It will be for stores. They are scoundrels, they take jobs and want me to work for you for free, ”she concludes.

The publication on the bird’s social network registers a large number of interactions with 7,340 likes and close to 3,500 retweets.

Likewise, the text has generated a debate around self-checkout systems, which are currently being implemented with important brands such as Walmart and Zara, to improve the consumer experience.

In this sense, in the comments of the publication you can read “The other day I went to Decathlon and I thought exactly the same as this person. I don’t work at @Decathlon, why the hell do I have to charge myself?

“I always say so much at @DecathlonEs, @leroymerlin_es and other companies that use this method that if they don’t charge me, the products stay there, because I don’t work for them and I don’t like destroying jobs. Until now they always charge me and when they don’t, the purchase stays there”, wrote another user.

“Gentlemen, we are in the 21st century, do you think a person is necessary to collect something or pass a barcode through a sensor? As a user, I prefer to charge myself and leave quickly than to stand in an endless queue. These jobs will disappear all over the world. Others will be created”, comments another Internet user.

“Rapid cashiers do not take jobs, they change trades to other gestures that create greater value for the customer, in this case on sports. If we kept picking potatoes with our hands…”, said another consumer.

And this is how the drastic change that technology can bring about is not well received by many on some occasions, since the new generations are the most interested in these tools.

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