Death, scandal and fights: This was the successful program “Vida TV”

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At the beginning of the decade of the two thousandan evening program won the hearts of millions of viewers in Mexico. The cast led by Hector Sandarti, Galilea Montijo Y Brilliant Lili brought together another group of comedians like Memo Rivers, Evelyn Arias “Evelio with V girl”, Dolores Solomon “The Bodoquito”, Homer Ferruzca Y Tony Balard.

Both the comedians and the hosts made dozens of people laugh every afternoon with skitscontests and even invented a peculiar dance called “colofox“, which the entire cast did when one of the contestants had a perfect grade or to celebrate a birthday.

That was Life TV

Although the painting seemed like a lot of fun to work on TV lifethings off camera were not hunky-dory, as there were many scandals and fights that finally ended up taking the broadcast off the air.

Much of the cast of TV life He went through several problems, illnesses, personal scandals and lawsuits. Despite everything, 16 years after its broadcast ended, the public continues to remember it and asks that the television program return to the air.

Personal scandals on Vida TV

In a recent television interview, the comedian Tony Balard told how painful it has been to live with alcoholism for several decades and everything he has had to face to get ahead and stop drinking.

Another example is the comedian Memo Rivers, who after several years away from the screen was rumored to be in total bankruptcy. Currently, the comedian tours the Mexican Republic giving lectures on how laughter can change your life.

Homer Ferruzcabetter known as “Homerito” also moved away from the small screen a little and now he is dedicated to giving conferences to address the art of being an actor in a fun and creative way.

Deaths in Life TV

The first to die, in November 2008, was the comedian Evelio Arias, alias “”Evelio with V girl”, who lost the battle against a disease that had afflicted him for several years and everything got complicated when he had a cardiac arrest.

In 2016, the comedian and actress Dolores Salomón, better known as “The Bodoquito” lost her life, due to heart and respiratory problems that had afflicted her for several years. Dolores was 63 years old and her death was so sudden that she caused tremendous commotion in the world of entertainment.

Fights on Vida TV

At the beginning of 2022, the driver Lilí Brillante accused her colleague Galilea Montijo of having mistreated in the early 2000s and mentioned that he even threatened to beat her up. According to Brillante, Montijo’s bad attitude originated when she won the reality show Big Brother VIP and when he began his courtship with the footballer Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

Montijo did not hesitate to defend himself and said that it made him laugh that after 20 years, Brillante still had that problem. Galilea stated that it was false that she set Lilí’s foot and that she leaked the false information among the reporters, since TV life It was the first program of Brillante, since before she worked as a reporter.

We are not friends, we were never friends, I do not consider her my friend. We were compañeras for many years and after so much, the moment came when I did confront her and you know that one comes from the neighborhood, I am from the neighborhood and in the neighborhood one learns to defend oneself and I will always defend myselfr”, pointed out the driver of Today.

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