DC Comics loses lawsuit against Chilean bakery called “Superman”

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  • For more than 28 years the Chilean bakery has carried the name “Superman”

  • It is estimated that in just over 80 years of history, Superman has sold about 600 million copies worldwide.

  • DC Comics has become the twelfth largest film industry, with box office receipts of just over 5.8 billion dollars.

Superman is undoubtedly an icon of popular culture, and one of the most emblematic characters of DC Comics; However, the man of steel has been involved in a controversy, after it became known that a bakery in Chile won a lawsuit against the comic book giant, after being accused of plagiarism for naming her shop after the superhero from metropolis.

Since its inception in 1983, Ssuperman has become one of the most iconic characters in culture, so much so that according to what the firm has pointed out, in its more than 80-year history, the superhero has sold nearly 600 million copies, while manga like One Pice have exceeded that figure with only one story.

However, characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman have led to the signature DC Comics, to be the twelfth franchise that has raised the most money at the box office, with just over 5.8 billion dollars at the box office, while Marvel Studiossurpasses it in box office collection with just over 12 billion dollars.

DC Comics loses lawsuit against Chilean bakery called “Superman”

It was recently revealed that after three years of lawsuit, the Chilean, Gonzalo Montenegro, won the rights to his name, according to what was indicated by the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INAPI), where the businessman was granted permission to continue using the name of Superman, with which he was nicknamed 28 years ago and with which he offers his product on the streets of Chile.

“I am very happy, since it means that after the lawsuit I am Superpan, that is my nickname since I was 10 years old and what life put in my way. It was terrible for me to think of losing that nickname that later became my business (…) It is very important that a neighborhood bakery, in this case from Quinta Normal, has managed to defeat a large brand, which has a staff of lawyers world-class to download small entrepreneurs without knowing the story behind their names. If I can beat the man of steel, everything is possible”. Gonzalo Montenegro to Chilean media.

However, this is not the only time that a person is involved in a conflict with brands due to their nickname or name, since in recent months a group of mothers collectively sued the giant Amazon, accusing that due to the name of your smart assistant”Alexa”, several girls had been victims of bullying in their schools, resulting in several parents even choosing to change their names.

For millions, sharing names with famous people and brands has been problematic, so knowing stories that reflect the relationship between society and their names allows them to expand the panorama and the importance of knowing how to choose a name.

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