David Gilmour names the rock group that will be the new Pink Floyd

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Music is a courier that is passed from generation to generation and according to one of the masterminds behind pink floyd, the absolute masters of prog rock; the bastion of modern rock is sustained by nothing more and nothing less than… Radiohead.

In a question and answer session with Billboard, David Gilmour confessed that Radioheadassumed the musical mantle” that pink floyd originated in his day. In this regard, he commented

Q: Are there groups that have assumed the musical mantle of pink floyd nowadays?”

A: I don’t know if they’ve taken up the mantle, but there are a lot of people who have tried hard to take music in a different direction and make it their own way. There’s Radiohead, obviously“.

Via Billboard.

Actually, the admiration you feel David Gilmour towards the work of thom yorke and company is well documented for decades.

During a 1999 interview with Q Magazinewas asked Gilmour by the then last release of Radiohead, ‘OK Computer‘ of 1997.

So, the 76-year-old rocker initially stated that he was a fan of the band and that their previous album, ‘The Bends’ (1995), was his favorite.

I’m a Radiohead fan. They are very good. Actually, I prefer the former. What is that called? ‘The Bends’, that is”.

Q Magazine via Rock Celebrities.

In the meantime, pink floyd recently released a remake of “Dogs”which focuses on adapting the stems of the song to a much more modern context typical of “Spatial Audio” technology, than the service of AppleMusic popularized in recent years.

Let us also remember that not long ago the group sold the catalog of ‘TheWall‘ at $500 million, so it’s only natural that the group is breathing new life into its great classics.