Daughter of Consuelo Duval lights up in networks with a fashionable top and shows her marked abdomen

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Remember that the interpreter of Federica within the “P.Luche Family” has positioned itself as one of the most loved and considered most successful women is the Chihuahuan Maria del Consuelo Dussauge Calzada, better known as Consuelo Duval, who has stood out because she is a renowned actress, presenter, comedian and dubbing actress who is currently recognized for her participation in the program “Divine net”.

The famous woman who was born on January 11, 1969 is the daughter of the singers Jose Antonio Dussauge and Consuelo Calzada Vidal, better known as “Chelo”, a successful Mexican singer remembered for being one of the official interpreters of Agustín Lara. The stage performer is remembered as iconic on Mexican television thanks to her outstanding attitude and her good sense of humor, which is why she has a significant number of followers on social networks, who have been watching her career for years. .

But Consuelo is not the only Duval who steals glances and conquers through social networks, because her daughter paly duval She is now the one who steals the looks because she has proven to be just as talented as her well-known mother, at the same time that in each of her photos her enormous beauty is reflected, an inheritance from her progenitor.

Paly Duval conquers in networks

Paly She is 29 years old and from a very young age she has been immersed in the world of cameras and reflectors, especially since Consuelo Duval raised her children alone., Paly and his brother Michel grew up on recording sets, Although it is noteworthy that regardless of the fame of her mother, the daughter of “Ludovica P. Luche” has made her own way.

It is worth mentioning that Paly is dedicated to acting, but not only inherited her mother’s stage skills, but also triumphs in the world of singing, since in 2016 she participated in the reality show “La Voz, México” and was selected for Gloria Trevi’s Team. Although she did not win the singing contest, she was the front room for her to boost her career and the following year she released her first album “Allegra”.

In addition, on Instagram he conquers with his peculiar style when it comes to wearjust as she recently did with a post on her Instagram profile, where she posted a postcard in which she looks radiant in a trendy green top, which she has open and is only attached by a button, while At the same time, this fashion merges it with trendy glasses and jeans, positioning itself as an icon of clothing.



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