Danna Paola suffers an accident at the start of Tour XT4S1S, gives a concert bandaged

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Danna Paola suffers an accident at the start of Tour XT4S1S, gives a concert bandaged
The singer had to cut the repertoire of songs. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

Danna Paola started this Friday, after some setbacks, the Tour XT4S1S in the Telmex Auditorium, in the city of Guadalajara, Jaliscohowever, the concert was full of emotions, since in addition to making his followers dance and jump, singer he had to do it with a bandage on his head, after hitting each other in the middle of the show.

In social networks, images have been shared where the singer appears with the huge bandageperforming his performance.

Danna Paola suffers an accident at the start of Tour XT4S1S, what happened?

After postponing some dates, the Tour XT4S1S formally started in Guadalajara, the event developed normally, until Danna Paolain full concert, hit his head with his kneewhich caused his eyebrow to swell and open, he told attendees during the evening.

I opened my eyebrows, literally, it’s not a joke, I don’t know if those in the front row saw it. I’m fine, I swear!”, explained the singer when she had to stop the show for a few minutes to be checked by the doctor.

After this, he returned to the front of the stage and once again when addressing his audience, already with a huge bandage on his headwhich also covered part of his eye, gave more details of the accident.

“In contemporary times, when I leaned back, I think I hit my knee or something and my eye started to swell. (…) I stopped watching, but I continued”

Detailed Danna Paola to her fans while holding a personalized Dr. Simi coat

Despite the accident, the concert continued and although the setlist had to be cut, the followers appreciated the delivery of the actress and singer.

Later, on his Instagram account, Danna Paola He shared a story where he once again thanked his followers in Guadalajara, as well as once again showed his bandage that covers the bump over his eye.

“Guadalajara, infinite thanks! It’s so crazy that this happened to me. They already put a bandage on me, I have to have cold compresses but, the size of the literal bump, the bruise that I have, is this lump that is here. But everything was seen, Great Opening Night, XT4S1S Tour!

He said to the camera, where his bandage could be seen in more detail

Likewise, in his Twitter account he expressed more gratitude after the beginning of the Tour XT4S1S.

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