Dani Alves showered Cristiano Ronaldo with praise

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With his arrival at MX League with Cougars, Daniel Alves felt freer give your opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer whom he faced on several occasions. In an interview with his teammate Efrain “The Spark” Velardethe Brazilian assured that “Now that I’m not at Barça, I can talk” on CR7which he showered with praise.

“Particularly, I love Christian. Now that we are no longer in Barça vs Madrid, because it always seems that you cannot speak, now that I am no longer here, I can speak. Christian exemplified for all of us, who do not have such quality, that with work you can also compete against the best. He exemplified this. I respect him a lot, even when I played against him. I had the opportunity to tell him,” assured the auriazul.

In the same talk Daniel Alves He told about the stage in which his relationship with the Portugal star was not good; however, he reiterated that always respected to the current element of Manchester United.

“There was a time when I tried to greet him and he didn’t greet me, a controversy was generated once. In a Ballon d’Or, we had a scuffle there, he didn’t greet me, but because of all the noise that was being generated outside. It was said that if I didn’t respect him, What if the other… How can I not respect a guy who has achieved everything based on work, based on throwing balls at him? I identify with himl. Everything I did in my life was based on it,” she said.

Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Another of the topics that the South American touched on was about Who do you identify with the most?If with Cristiano Ronaldo or his ex-partner in Barcelona, LionelMessi.

“If you made a comparison, I, as a player, get closer to Cristiano than to Leo. I say that it is one more identification with Cristiano due to the fact of worked. It was what I did all my life: work to be able to achieve, to get to where I have arrived. It wasn’t pure talent. It was percentage talent, but the biggest thing was the work. And that’s what Cristiano does. He has talent, yes he has talent. But his work is what makes him compete with Messi and anyone. How can I not respect it? But, of course, at Barça and at Real Madrid that sensitivity is generated”, he said.