Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescot signed another flop; They are the laughing stock of the NFL

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the dallas cowboys fell at the hands of the San Francisco 49er and dak prescott again influenced the defeat (Photo by: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

The dallas cowboys has become a laughingstock in the nfl. The last play executed in the divisional game against the San Francisco 49ers perfectly portrays the current situation of the team that It turns out to be the most valuable in the entire sports world, but ironically, it is the one that manages to reap the most failures season after season. The Cowboys’ performance against the 49ers in the Divisional Round game did not come as a surprise to anyone either. The Lone Star team returned to their sad reality.

The Vaqueros have placed for the sixth consecutive year as The most expensive sports franchise, according to Forbes. Despite having a stratospheric value of 8 billion dollars, season after season the Cowboys always find a new way to embarrass themselves and little by little they become an ordinary team.

Jerry Jones has dedicated himself to paying large amounts to his players, which have not given the expected results (Photo by: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Jerry Jones has dedicated himself to paying large amounts to his players, which have not given the expected results (Photo by: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Since 2016, the team owned by Jerry Jones has been awarded the first place on the prestigious list, but that has not helped them to return to being protagonists of a Super Bowl, which has not happened since 1996. Wow, they haven’t even been able to play a conference final since. From 2016 to date, he has only reached the postseason three times, showing that money does not play on the field and his result is always the same. Dallas forgot his best years, in the past 25 seasons they’ve had just four postseason victories. In addition to painful losses on the field, Jones has also lost financially, as well as time on stale projects.

There is no team that is more in need of being the protagonist of the finals than the Texan team. Jones, with the economic power that he flaunts with fanfare, also became his own executioner for his mismanagement within the team, because his vanity is not little and Jerry is the owner, general manager, coordinator and almost the Head Coach of his team. However, in recent years his vision has simply been based on spending high figures without receiving any benefit in return in sports. The strongest proof is Dak Prescott.

Mike McCarthy is also one of the main people responsible for the team not being able to become one of the protagonists again, his management has left much to be desired and in the final instances he has not allowed history to change ( Photo by: Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Mike McCarthy is also one of the main people responsible for the team not being able to be one of the protagonists again, his management has left much to be desired and in the final instances he has not made history change (Photo by: Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire viaGetty Images)

The cowboy quarterback has become a fundamental piece of the team to achieve embarrassing failures. During his seven-year career, he has not been able to carry the team to take it to the last game of the season and it is quite the opposite: He doesn’t know how to play with the clock and he doesn’t know how to play under pressure either. He has no reading of plays to improvise, he rushes to throw the ball and in the most important moments he ends up disappearing.

This season, after missing five games with a right thumb injury, he returned to pitch 15 interceptions in total, being one of the worst in that category. In addition to the two suffered on the field by the 49ers, when the team most needed to score points. The first one fell inside their own field and ended in a three-point exchange for the Californians. The second of these was in front of midfield, when the Cowboys represented the greatest danger to San Francisco and dominated the game. Prescott has become a total millionaire failure.

bad management

The novel with Dak began in 2020. After his four years on a rookie contract, the quarterback agreed to play one year with the Designated Player tag in exchange for $31.4 million. However, Prescott was only able to play the first few games of the season because he suffered a broken right ankle, which kept him sidelined for the rest of the year. For 2021, with the illusions at the top and the player’s pressure on the team to renew, Jones and Prescott signed a contract for four years and 160 million dollars, of which 126 were guaranteed. This agreement also included 66 million to capture his signaturewhich will be spread over five years. They were 75 million payable in the first year of the agreement and the following three seasons average 42 million annually.

At the time, Prescott’s contract was above Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, matt ryan and Joe Flaco, footballers of the same position and who have at least been present in a Super Bowl and they have won it (except for Ryan). The only thing Prescott has done for is getting to the Divisional Round since he signed his big contract.

Dak is the jewel in a totally dented crown. If we talk about money, youIt would also be necessary to weigh what Ezekiel Elliot contributed to the team. Cowboys running back He has added his third consecutive season in which he cannot sign a single game with more than 100 rushing yards. However, Elliot pushed to the extreme so that in 2019 he received a contract of 90 million for six years. To this day, his numbers are far from those of a top running back in the NFL. Since long ago, Ezekiel could have played his last campaign with the boys, but the sympathy of the owner towards him has maintained it. The strongest evidence was the presence of tony pollard that, as the second running back, he had 1,007 yards, while Elliot had only 876 this season. By the way, Pollard will go to Free Agency when the current season concludes.

In addition to Pollard, Dalton Schultz, Donovan Wilson, leighton vander eschConor McGovern, Anthony Brown, Cooper Rush, Anthony BarrJonathan Hankins, Jason PetersDante Fawler and T.Y. Hilton They’re the ones who will go into Free Agency if the team doesn’t keep them. A new agreement would also have to be given to Cee Dee Lamb that he would leave behind his contract as a rookie for the following season. The salary cap space the Cowboys finished with this season was $223,000. At the start of the season, the boys They were the sixth team with the most space in this area with almost nine million space, according to the portal spotrac. Which translates into poor planning within the initial roster, leaving aside Anthony Brown’s injury that led them to reinforce that position.

Dallas continues to waste its time, just as it did putting up with Jayson Garrett through eight winless seasons. Time is against Mike McCarthy and his team. By the way, Kellen Moore, the offensive coordinator, and Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator, could leave the team to become Head Coaches.

defensive unit

Still, Moore’s departure could matter, but Quinn’s departure would be a serious casualty for the whole of the Lone Star. For several years, Quinn has earned recognition as one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL. After a disastrous 2020 season, Quinn arrived to tidy up, and since then, the Cowboys’ defense has become the strongest part of the entire team. Even, It could be said that the faith of cowboy fans rested more in what the defense could do than in regard to Prescott, Elliot and company.

The star of the Cowboys was Micah Parsons, as he is the highest level defender and who changes the course at any time (Photo by: Cooper Neill / Getty Images)
The Cowboys star was michael parsonssince he is the defensive of the highest level and who changes the course at any time (Photo by: Cooper Neill / Getty Images)

Dallas signed another dud, no surprise there. The surprise continues to be that the team remains under poor management and that the situation can hardly change, since now they will have to restructure contracts and pray that their most important men do not end up leaving. Either way, they could ditch some of their fake stars and get on an earth plane to achieve their goal.


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